Friday, July 3, 2009

Memorable Day

I know it's been so long to update my blog, I am very sorry.

Today I am extremely happy, because I saw Eason Chan in our school. Although I just saw him via the small window of the main hall, but the happiness and joyfulness are indescribable. He is a singer from Hong Kong as you guys know or maybe not. He came to our school with his fluffy hair as usual and a yellow shirt and jeans, simply as that. His voice was totally nice, or I should say wonderful, marvelous…. That’s cool!! He has a bunch of fans that had actually squeeze together just to see him, OH what a poor fans, *laughing*
My friends and I were smart, we sit outside the main hall to see him (actually we didn’t have ticket to go in, so pity). We listen to his song via a small little door, but we talk more than listen la actually….haha…We left after he had sung finished the song...That's really cool~

Although I have never saw him in a nearer position,
But never mind at least I saw Eason Chan today~!! This is so memorable, unforgettable
I am freaking happy today….

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