Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chocolate, chocolate, I'm coming!!!

A chocolate gift from Ah Xi Ah Yi which is my mom childhood friend lives in England. They had been friend ever since they were young and hang around together. However, after she gets married, she migrated to England and has long stay at there. Every summer holidays (something likes that la) she will fly back to Melaka to visit her family and has gathering with them, including my mom of course! This summer holidays as usual, she came back and give us some gift…
That’s right!!

My favourite chocolate!! As you guys know, I am a chocolate lover and cheese of course. I love chocolate very much; this is the great opportunity for me to conquer all the chocolate that she had given to us, because my sis and bro had gone to KL for work. *laughing!!* I am so happy now!!

However, I still will keep some for them. Indeed, this is for us, not ME!!
Chocolate, I’m coming!!
Wait a minutes!!
Which one am I going to eat first?
There is a lot variety for me to choose. Oh, I am so headache now!! It was so beautiful and delicious, I feel like it is a waste to finish up it...Erm...*thinking* okay! I had decided to wait my sister and enjoy with her…

I am good sister right? *laughing*

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