Saturday, July 11, 2009


First of all, I would like to thank to Big Head for giving me a damn delicious cheese cake. Thank you, Big head aka Yun Chee. These cheese cakes really my favourite. At first I thought that it was like the cheese cakes which sell in the super market or bakery, but I was wrong, it was my favourite cheese cake! I am happy and totally in love with you, CHEESE CAKE. You are my partner, you are my everything ….*slap* wake up Lydia! Stop in love with a cheese cake!!
Oh!! mama miya...
I love it..
Besides chocolate, I think this is my favourite dessert ever..
In love with you....

Made by Big Head aka Yun Chee,
If you Guys want to have some please contact her, ok?
But please get the phone nomber yourself ok?
hehe...Not funny at all..*swt*

Okay, let’s proceed with my small gathering today,
As you guys know, I have a gathering with friends today. Since we always went MCD for our gathering, so this time we had suggested having our gathering at KFC. KFC…In my mind, there are nothing to eat and expensive, am I right? However, this is what I had suggested, so just eat whatever they sell. I had ordered a set of Zinger Burger set plus one whipped potatoes. The burger was quite weird because it was too dry and it is not hot at all, as a result, WEIRD!! The wingers ordinary, coke too. But I love the whipped potatoes, It was mouth-watering, yummy…..

Okay, I know it is annoying when I am describing the food, sorry ya! orz
Today I really have fun with my friends; it is very hard to meet them at school especially those who are not the same course with me. I miss them so much and this is also the purpose of having this gathering. We are so close to each other when we are in foundation, in a sudden we need to be separated; this really will make us miss each other so much. After finished up our food, we start to tease around, chit chatting and play around. Since we never see each other for so many days, there are many topics to talk with. I am very happy today, besides having gathering with my friend; the happiest thing is that my friend Eugene had back to normal. Truly happy! You know why? The first day of school reopen, she changed her hair style and her personality too, it was weird. The funniest girl among us had changed to a quiet and lady-like girl; this is totally weird. However, she had back to normal, bravo. She pins up her hair and back to her own personality, hurray!! Eugene, you are BACK!!! (Don’t scold me when you read it ok? *evil laugh*)

By the way, both shin yi/ xin yi are late for the gathering today. They miss quite a lot of thing actually. I am sorry, because you all are late!! *laughing*. Don’t be angry ok? Late comers are always missing something funny….*evil laugh* However, It is not important anyway.
Our traditional!!

That’s right!

It is our photo session. Before going back to school and home, we had camwhored a couple of photo for a remembrance. Thank Ah Pok, the camera holder, *evil laugh* we had a wonderful gathering today!!

P/S: Our friends who had gone to Cyber are coming back next Friday, I am totally happy now!!
So excited!!

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