Saturday, July 18, 2009

The first Musical fountain in Melaka.

I am so mind-numbing today,
The whole day hanging around in my lovely home makes my mind numb.
After taken our dinner, we sat at the living room and start to chit-chat with each other,
While we are teasing around, mom burst out a brilliant idea,

Mom: hey, you all want to go to the musical fountain or not? Come! While waiting for your bro to come back, we go there ok?

Lydia: ok, I want to go there and see how the fountain looks like…

Lynn: ok, I want to capture a lot of photos…

We changed our cloth and embark to the musical fountain,
When I first step in to the place, the place was full of people.
Many of them are Malays of course and Chinese too
This is the first musical fountain in Melaka, the heritage city.
The fountain was super nice; it is the combination of music and fountain, darn beautiful.
It’s a great combination, the song and the flow of water was way too good and cool.
Besides that, the lighting was gorgeous….green, red and purple=Malays, Chinese and Indian…*laughing*

Sitting at the chair, listening to the music and looking at the fountain,
Feel great right?

This is the greatest dating place for the couples, and after watching the fountain, you may go to the opposite and sit for the mini “eyes on Malaysia”, a great dating places right?

For family, you may bring your family members to enjoy the fountain and the mini “eyes on Malaysia” too.

How good is it?
Way too good!!

While looking at the beautiful musical fountain, we also captured a lot of photo.
But unfortunely, the camera was out of battery,
We just had the chance to captured a couple photo using that camera,

The following photos are using my hp camera which is very lousy….

This is the first time my aunty using my hp to captured us…
So as a new user, she doesn’t know how to use it, and the photo was like shaky....

Nevermind, we can capture again!

Great!! That's the way..
Good Camera women!! *evil laugh*

This is so beautiful,
love it so much!!!

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