Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everything had back to silence...*shhh*

Everything had back to silence, *shhhh*
My sis had back to Klang, uncle had back to Puchong, everybody had back to work and school,
Boring and busy life began again….

Okay, let’s talk about my last weekend,

Last weekend, my uncle and sister came back to Melaka and we had kind of like durian gathering at aunty house. Before that, we had driven over to Melaka town to buy some durian. We drove to many places but unfortunely numerous stalls had sold out their durian, we are too “lucky” that day. The funniest moment is that my little cousin, Jun Jie thought that the seller don’t want let us to eat their durian. He is freaking cute, love him so much. As Jun Jie keep asking some weird question, we had finally found a stall which has sell durian, thank GOD!! If not I think we need to go home without durian….we had chosen some of durian and the boss is too kind, he had given us some free durian as our bonus, happy!! We went back and start to eat of course, uncle had used his hand to open up the durian and we start to eat eat and eat. Yum yum, marvelous, I love durian so much…I’m loving it (used MCD slogan, hope they won’t catch me and ask me to buy loyalty, hehe) I like durian gathering, this is because It remind me something very memorable. When I am young, my uncle used to buy a bunch of durian and he will open up and eat together, that’s was so delicious and fun. I like the way we grab some durian and eat, this make the durian more delicious, am I right? This is the way to eat durian actually. *evil laugh*
Durian, Durian...
I love u!!
Don't leave me alone...
Look at it, it look so delicious and yum...
I truly love Durian...and Durian gathering of course...
wow...yum yum!! they love durian very much, same to me...I love it too....It is my favourite fruit ever.After we had finished eating the durian, this is the time to say good bye to my uncle and cousin. They had packed up their stuff and went back to Puchong. The end of my durian gathering…
Wearing cap and acting cute...you don't need to act cute actually because you are very cute...

At night, we went Jonker walk to grab some Melaka food of course. We bought pineapple tart for my sister’s room owner and her working staff. My sister and I had bought some “ma zi” and the stall uncle was good, he lets us try some of it, it is delicious and my sister had promised that she will promote these “ma zi” to her friend when the uncle had given us a lot of it. *laughing* Lucky!! After we had finished shopping at Jonker, we went Aunty Lucy house of course and went home at 11pm.

The following day, we had celebrated friend birthday at the birthday girl house, went back to school, came back from school…Last we send my sister to the bust station and went home.

My house totally silence now.
It has back silence again…..

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