Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy :(

I am quite busy these days,
Besides doing tutorial question, I have tons of assignment to settle.
I am freaking out now!
And I need to verify the entire document of mine before ptptn day, so this is why I am not blogging these days. I am so sorry for that.

Today I have a miserable day,
My friend and I went to verify our document at school,
I truly hate school administration,
I went there to verify my document but the person was so irritating,
She asked me many question that I have no idea to answer it…
That's really weird, you know?
I hate it so much….
What is the purpose of going administration?
Of course is verifying our document and get some information from there, right?
But the person keep on asking me some stupid question…OMG really driving me crazy…

After verifying our document, we went to verify our Tabung Amanah form…
But sadly, there is nobody willing to sign for us,
And they had actually asked us to go to Seri Negeri for the YB signature,
OH!! That was far…
At last we end up with nothing….
Quite sad!!
I hope that tomorrow the YB will be there…
Hope so….*praying*

P/S: tomorrow probably will be a fun day for me, because my friend are going to teach us how to make a cheese cake....woo!! Cheese cakes really attracted my attention...yum yum

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