Monday, October 3, 2011

I've a cute mommy!

Well, my mom is an English educated person, so she is not familiar with Chinese! Sometimes she makes some mistake which is hilarious and she claimed she is right. However, her Chinese is getting better right now with those kids in my bro art shop. Great job!
Mommy: Hey, buy “mi fen” for me when you go to work. *proud*
Daddy: ok! *writing on a piece of paper*
After daddy came back from work….
Mommy: Haiyo! What you have actually bought for me? I want flour not mee hoon!!!!
Daddy: …………
Mommy: You see lah! I want “mi fen”, your papa bought me mee hoon.
Me: ……*thinking*
Aunty: HAHAHA!! I think ah Ben (my dad name) bought the wrong thing.
Mommy: How am I going to bake a cake with “mi fen”?? *grumpy*
After a few moment……
Me: hey mi, you are the one who pronounced wrongly loh.  Is “mian fen” not “mi fen”!!!!!
Me: it is your fault and you blame papa some more…HAHAHAHA!! *laugh non-stop*
Aunty: Oh yeah! This is your fault!!!!
Mi fen = 米粉= Mee Hoon
Mian fen = 面粉= Flour!!!!
My mom thought both of them is the same, because in Hokkien both sound the same!
*they are different in chinese, mi!!!*

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