Friday, October 28, 2011

Food adventure - Restoran Kar Heong 家香(怡保)炒河粉芽菜鸡

It’s foodies Friday again!

Yes, I’ve been in Selangor last few days, and I’ve tried many good foods, so now I’m going to introduce FOOD for every foodies in the world (probably just Malaysian)

Alright, stop crap and start!

This probably will be my lunch if I’m still in Subang right now, and it makes me feel heaven. Guess what?

Yes! It is the famous Restaurant Kar heong 家香(怡保)炒河粉芽菜鸡! According to my sis, it is very famous in that area which is Subang, and honestly I’ve tried before when I was young.
Their signiture dish will be the Ipoh Hor Fan!! It has many variety of Hor Fan such as Prawn wantan Hor Fan, Chicken Hor Fan and double Prawn Hor Fan. Mine will be the prawn wantan Hor Fan (RM5.00)

 Besides that, they also offer some side dishes such as fried Nga Choi aka bean sprout. It is their favourite side dish, and it taste so yum.

They were very generous as you can see the amount of prawn wantan given.

Their Prawn wantan is super big and fresh. I love the wantan as it is smooth and not to sodden.

Price            : 
Environment :
Food            :
Service         :

I love their environment because there is air-con everywhere in that shop, and the price is reasonable ( I mean in Selangor, it is quite reasonable), and it affortable!! *thumb up*

Restoran Kar Heong 家香(怡保)炒河粉芽​菜鸡
60, Jln SS14/2, Subang Jaya.

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