Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facebook layout is not as good as last time anymore!

WTH with this new layout of Facebook!??

I got fed up whenever I log in to Facebook nowadays, it simply just make my life miserable, and it is not as good as last time anymore. For those of you who have Facebook, you would have realized the new layout things running on your home page, and it simply just makes life miserable.
And the column doesn’t even work that well!!!
“L commented on your status”
“J like your status”
“L like J’s status”
“L commented on her own photo: “wow! Is real!!!”….”
So, this is it, it popped up every time when somebody is doing anything on Facebook! That’s just helper for a well-trained stalker to commit social engineering thing! It’s so not privacy anymore.
Even...This is here
“L and V are now friend”
To be frank, I don’t really quite understand why there is a need for the new column on the right side of our home page where there is a button to click on the most recent new feed.
The right hand column is just waste of space for our home page, and it makes the page load very slowly, I mean like super slow!!!!!!!!!
And I ended up closing all the page including my YouTube, because of Facebook!!! I didn't managed to upload any single video up TODAY! *grin* Make my life miserable right now!!
Again! Why Facebook created such miserable column for us to be as miserable as it??? WTH!?
I was truly against with this new column, coz it is really useless for me as I don't even look at it that much (okay, now I'm looking at it because I'm going to complaint on it), but to be frank, it does make my attention on the moving thing going on that stupid column sometimes.


I hate the NEW LAYOUT so much.

And we can't change to the old version right now, too bad! So, we gonna continue with this column forever (nope, probably after so many people complaining on that, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg will try on his best to cancel out this new feature which is useless!!)

Please do so!! PLEASE! I'm begging you!


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