Monday, October 17, 2011

Food adventure - Hup Huat Restaurant

Its Monday Blue!!!

I bet all of you have no mood to start a brand new week on every Monday, so….To heal the blueness of Monday, food is the best choice!
But what food is the best to heal Monday Blue?
Hup Huat Restaurant
101 Jalan SP 1
Taman Semabok Perdana, 75050 Melaka
Hours: Mon-Sat 9am–5pm; Sun 9am–3pm

My sis, her bf and I went to this shop yesterday, and for some reason we have porridge for our lunch. So, this is the best choice we ever made! 
Their old fashion Menu on the wall. They have actually moved to here few years back, and according to my mom their signiture dish is their Hong Kong Porridge (香港艇仔粥), so this is the first choice for me!

PS: My mom brought us to their old place when we were young, but I didn't even remember at all! Too bad.

 Their signiture dish (FYI, this is according to my mom), Hong Kong Porridge (香港艇仔粥)!!

Well, the texture was soft and smooth, I love it indeed and this is always the kind of porridge I craved for. Smooth and soft at the same time.

THE BEST!  (another best porridge is at MMU Corner *wee*)

Fried PrawnWantan.
This will be in my must-order-list after I've ate it, coz it is crispy and sweet, and it is in Hong Kong style as well.

The prawn was so damn fresh and sweet, and they are super generous. I've 2 prawns in one wantan! Yummy!
Their ordinary yet not-so-ordinary chicken rice chili sauce! I love it.

My sis and her bf are always the best FOOD RESEARCHER! No regret to follow them all the way. Hiak Hiak Hiak!

Nom Nom journey will go on.....

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