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Summary of August and September

I’m back!!

Yes, I’ve not been properly updating my blog for like 2 months!!!! So this would be the SUMMARY of August and September. Beware!!! This will be a super long post ever in my blog.

Well, there have been lots of festival celebration goes on and on August and September, but due to exam, I didn’t update on time. Sorry!!!

On Hari Raya days, I went to Selangor to gather with my uncles, aunties and cousins, and we (the freaking childish dude) play the plasticine with my cousins after we reached there. It was a birthday present for my cousin, but end up we are the one who play it nicely! They ruined it after that; the entire colour has been combined!!
To be frank, I’ve never play this kind of plasticine before. In my childhood, there is no burger maker plasticine, so this is kind of like dream comes true!!

"WOW!! This is the french fried maker, wow! My dream come true.."
My sis and I were so excited, and the reason why she bought this for my cousin is because SHE WANT HER DREAM TO COME TRUE! (me too)

Do you want a set of burger king ?? I used the wrong colour for the hot dog, I'm colour blind I know!!

 Two kids were so excited too, but in the end ( As I mentioned) the colour was mixed up! Too bad!!

After we settled down, is dinner time and we went to a Restaurant near the famous Rong ji bread and tart bakery. Somewhere at Puchong. Too bad I forgot the name coz it is 2 months back!

I always complaint to my sis that we have not take photo together like months, so she quickly pose up and SNAP! Then after a minute she turns to be another freaking busy sms woman *argh*
Opps.. I think she is busy with Facebook.

The famous Rong Ji egg tart!
While waiting for place to sit, we went to Rong Ji to get some egg tart before headed to the restaurant.  The taste was yum, and it was crispy outside and soft in the middle. NICE! The place was quite nice as well, and their cake is just like yeast bakery (square in size). So cute!

Few minutes later, food served
Steam egg is a must for our family.
It is so smooth that we didn’t even need to bite it, and I just swallow... (I’m way too hungry as you can see!)
I forgot the name coz I DON'T LIKE TO EAT THIS! Basically it is three-layer pork with yam, and I just ate their yam and left the rest for my daddy!

This is my all-time favourite, sweet sour pork, and it is a must for our family too. However, we mostly ordered as yam ring sweet sour pork in Melaka.

Food           :  
Environment :
Service        :
 It's bubble time after we went back home.

With my cousin, Yi Yi who is a dog freak!
She stayed with us that night without her parent (her first time I must say), and both of us (my sis and I ) need to accompany her until she fall asleep. =___=lll

 Looking at the mad cute duck bubble bottle to prove that I played this game today. LAME!

Trying to act like my little cousin, Jun Jie for some reason, and the girl besides me is Jun Jie's cousin (which mean we are relative, and which mean she is my cousin as well).

She is a malaysian-korean mix, and she speaks good korea language! How cool is that!? If I'm a Malaysian-Korean mix, I'll show off to everyone that I speak good korea language! MUAHAHA... *dream will never come true*

The next day- steamboat day.. But first Breakfast!

Went for the famous Bah Kut Teh in KLANG!!
Yo.. I finally have the chance to taste it, but I don't really like Bah Kut Teh that much actually, coz it is a waste for me to eat it. I don't like their pork as it is too hard, and mostly Bah Kut Teh only serve PORK!!!*cry*

However, I like pork internal part and their dry Bah Kut Teh!

5 big bowl for RM 152
This is way too expensive as not much variety is available there. JUST BAH KUT TEH!

 Next, the whole family (around 15 people) went to supermarket to hunt for ingrdient!
 Everyone was so excited because we gonna have steamboat at night!!

 Before that, this is a picture of us sitting on the magic flying carpet in Penang! I still remember it was in Penang. Did I change much??
The best friend ever!

The secret ingredient of the day- Abalone

Secret ingredient of the day 2- abalone in smaller size! *evil laugh*

 Secret ingredient of the day 3- CRABBY!!

3 of them make the soup so tasty, I'm loving it. But it is way too limited, so everyone need to pandai-pandai lah, if not some of them wouldn't be able to taste it.

This is the reason why my sis never take photo with me anymore. T_____T
I'm jealous ok!?? MUAHAHAHA....

This trip was the best because the entire family gather together (except 1st uncle who is not free always).

End of August and proceed to September!!
 Now, it is September, and the most important festival of the year-moon cake festival. We have planned this for so long, and end up having birthday celebration for our friend, Andrew.

 Taiwan sausages is my love, but not for Shin coz she said it is way too sweet for her. *what to do, healthy baby*

 We planned to have potluck at first, then change to BBQ....end up having our love Home-made Satay Celup together. The sauce was not quite tasty because (according to my aunty) we need to add more peanut to make it yummmmm....

Look at us! We were so happily enjoying our satay celup. FYI, I don't really remember why am I laughing that much.
so ....

This is a MUST to play lantern on Moon Cake or lantern festival!
 I'm getting a PINK lantern.

The guys...
were trying something new...

 Guess WHAT!???
They are trying to challenge each other on blowing skill. =___=lll Creative!!
Shin told me that her mom thought they will going to do some praying things or what, and claimed that it is pantang lah! MUAHAHAHAH... Shin's mom misunderstood! Too bad...

Then we went to the playground to plan something ....Yes! Andrew's birthday cake..

 Candle is all over the place. I likey, but children please don't learn! HIAK HIAK HIAK.

Birthday celebration began as we were preparing for another surprise!

"Hey Shin, how about the cake?"
" I don't know what their plan! Jennifer asked us to give him surprise!"

Both of us was like so blur on that planning, running here and there like an insane person!

At the end....
While they were asking him to make a wish, Shin brought out the cake.

the most funny moment is that...
 Wang is going to take revenge on Andrew, you know right? If not, watch the video at here. And the creamy creamy cake really works well with the action!

 Before that, let's take a photo of him cutting the cake. Eh! Don't act cute lah..

END: The creamy creamy cake destroyed! There is a video on how wang take revenge, but I need to combine all, so the video will be out soon... I mean "SOON"....
 Birthday boy is happily with his present.

FYI, we didn't planned on his birthday celebration actually, and it is just coincidence! =P
Yes! The plan is success, now proceed to my family Moon cake festival celebration. OMGY! I'm so tired to continue anymore...

Continue later after resting....

*recharging my battery*
Yeah! I'm back to continue the rest of it. So now let's proceed to the family gathering entry. This will be a long entry for FOOD!!
Our BBQ theme is Fusion, Western and Malaysian BBQ style.
Western style- garlic bread and BBQ chicken with black pepper.
Malaysian style- Satay!

Lantern is a MUST!

We hang lantern all over the place! It is so beautiful!!!

Fusion style again!
Malaysian: fried Hokkien mee
Thailand: sour mango with.... ( I don't really know the name..)
Own style: BBQ crab stick

(done by me ^^v)

After the satay is being BURN!! It's nom nom time.

and not to forget, the satay master-my uncle. He is good in BBQ satay!!!!

Nyonya kuih by Mama Lucy
This is the best in Melaka and Semabok!

Durian puff made by Aunty Pat (my mom's friend), and I love the Durian so much.

The garlic bread, and the paste was homemade by my sis.
It's easy and yummilicious!

everyone was so excited and happy that day, but too bad my little cousins family didn't attend this family gathering because my uncle is having night shift this few months. Too bad!

PS: But they just came back last week, and we were having great fun together. I'll write an entry about that later..

While everyone is busy with their mouth-watering food, we (my sis and I) were busy with something else...
Yes, camwhore! We were happily camwhoring, but her bf keeps disturbing.

Then I said " eh, we are Asian, so must have this peace sigh when we want to take photo"
So, both of them and me peace-ing in front of the camera and snap! This is how the photo comes out!

See! Her bf was busying with food and still disturbing our camwhore session! *argh*

While we were camwhoring, something happened! Everyone was shouting "fire! fire! fire!"
The lantern burned by itself, it was creepy!!! But the reason of moon cake festival is to burn the lantern as much as we can! This is someone else theory ( I don’t really remember who), but it is true. I like seeing lantern burn into dust. It is kinda insane, I know.

After the incident, we continue our camwhore journey without her bf. FINALLY... MUAHAHA...
Anyway, this is the peace sign again!

Then my sis wanted to try on herself, and this is the outcome.. Quite weird where her peace sign failed! It looks like a rabbit more than a peace sign. Seriously LOL

2 of my favourite food of the day- Garlic bread and Nyonya kuih! Yummilicious

The worst part of this family gathering is that its rain in the middle of celebration, and we need to shift all the things inward and it messed up some of our plan. Our lantern got wet and I got cold later that. Too bad!! However, overall was great, and it will be another family gathering next month, I'm waiting for it...

PS: Alright! I think this is long enough to update my blog. I mean super long right now!!


PS: Will update soon again...

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