Monday, June 27, 2011

Ma first attempt on Milo filling bun

Since my mom had abandoned the bread flour she bought few months ago (yes! It’s going to expire soon), as a daughter, I should fully utilize the bread flour as soon as possible.

So on Friday, I was in the middle of finding some information for my assignment, something had stop me from doing my assignment (bad case!), and yes, it is bread ingredient. I was looking at someone blog (many indeed), and some of the bread recipes attract me!

This is basically the inspiration for me to start my bread baking day!

I bake a Milo filling bun yesterday. I know it is weird when I said MILO FILLING, you can't buy any milo bun in any bakery shop except Lydia's homemade Milo filling bun.

 This is the milo filling bun I bake yesterday. I was suppose to bake a hotdog bun, but there is no hotdog, so I substitute hotdog with the only filling I have in my house milo.

 The recipe I get from website can bake 8 milo filling bun.

The texture was just like bread, but it simply not the same as what I always buy in the bakery shop. How sad! However, the milo filling turn out to be a good combination with the bread. It has some taste of milk and chocolate. I love it.

My mom, dad and brother said it is nice, but my aunty simply just don't like it coz it is too hard for her. She like those soft soft bun in the bakery shop.

PS: I'm gonna try it again the next time. I bake today, but the texture still the same. =.=lll


  1. looks very nice and great baking skills.

  2. maybe changing the portion of the ingredients abit to change the texture? :)

  3. Nava.K, it is not quite success actually..=)
    Ken, ya! maybe i need to change some ingredient, thank for advice! =)