Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town


Today is Christmas eve, I'll be going to Selangor to celebrate Christmas with my family. *happy*

I've nothing to do today, so I on my laptop, and checked for something new to watch, and I found He's beautiful. Since everyone was so in love this drama, so I watched for not-to-be-outdated among my friend, but then I addicted! I really in love with this drama, every guy in this drama are sooo handsome!! OMG! Why Malaysia guy are not so handsome one??? (no offence please)

 He's beautiful 原来是美男啊- the nicest korea drama (as what Ting said)

The first guy -tae king, He is so damn cool and steady one! But sometimes funny...

The 2nd guy which is the guy I like the most -shin woo! OMG! He is soooo charming...why he is not the main character?? WHY? TELL ME WHY?? I'm soooooo in love him!! Korea guy is sooo charming.

 3rd guy Jeremy- the funniest guy among them. He is also the slowest among them.. WAHAHA...Cute guy indeed!

Well anyway, I just started to watch this drama, ( I'd watch 4 episodes) I'll watch until the end of it!! *evil laugh*

Ok, I'll update my Christmas celebration with tomo and Wang or probably just a brief only....
 The present we prepared for exchange!


Ya, I already told what, I will briefly write only! WAHAHAHA.......
Stay tuned, babe!

PS: I'm going to KL in 2 hours time, gonna update soon.

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