Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm dying!!

 I've not updating anything on my blog nowadays due to my Audit exam, hate it damn much. I totally ruined that paper, I think I need to study hard for this semester, coz I ruined 2 subjects in midterm (though the result haven't out yet, but I can feel it T_______T).

I really damn freaking sad of what I've did in my exam, I always regret on what I've done, and did not correct it, should change my attitude on study from now on. *serious*

Oh well, today is 18 of December, that means one day after my birthday (yea, you're right, my Audit midterm exam is on the day after my birthday), I didn't celebrate coz of presentation and exam on today. What I'm saying is that from the day I started my university life, I did not celebrate my birthday on time (I hate it so much), this is so unfair to me T_____T and I did not celebrate for my blog anniversary either (to those who did not read my blog from begining, I started my blog on 17 of December 2008). Yea, I celebrated my blog anniversary on posting some stuff in, but yesterday was excluded!

Thus, I wanted to say is that Happy Birthday to PINKAHOLICLYDIA! You're now 2 years old, GREAT!

2 years of blogging make me feel great and when I see back what I've did the last 2 years, I was shocked! I've done that much from 2 years back, and due to Nuffnang contest, I won a LG Cookie phone, that's the award I get from blogging. Super great!

As a result, no lossing but gaining in blogging! Keep blogging Lydia!

PS: I'm going to celebrate my birthday later with my bro and sis! Yeah!

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