Monday, December 6, 2010

I love Rapunzel

Well, I in love with Rapunzel shimy hair right now!!

I watched Rapunzel in Barbie series before, and now I'm watching Disney Rapunzel a tangled tale, I freaking in love the shiny blonde hair though I'm not a fans of blonde! WAHAHA...
This movie is kinda funny and it is totally different with the Barbie series one. This is not a Princess and Prince love story, but a thief Flynn Rider and lost Princess Rapunzel story!

 In the US, they called this as Tangled!

 SEE! This is why I love the shinny long blonde hair! She can tie whatever thingy even Flynn Rider with her long shiny blonde hair, and it has healing power!

How good if I've this kind of hair, can heal everything...WAHAHA.....
The song to heal everything...I love it so much!
And this is the most cuttiest creature in the world, Pascal! He turn red when he angry, blue when he is sad, and green is his happy or normal mood! WAHAHA...Kinda of cute!

The clever maximum! I love him cute
And th song was like awesome, especially the healing Incantation and I see the light! OK I post the soundtrack in coz I freaking love it..WAHAHA...

Highly recommended to watch this movie, Rapunzel a tangled tale!


  1. jus finished it yesterday, i'm kinda like the Chameleon! well, it not official air in theater here, i watch it though wot i hav downloaded.

  2. ya it is cute! haha...not official air in theater? oh ic...