Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Well, yesterday was Winter Solstice Festival again, my second favourite day coz I got to eat this so called Glutinous rice ball (Tang Yuan) every year. I love it damn much, I may eat like 2 big bowl for it. (is real)

This year was special, coz sis helped mommy to do the Tang Yuan (mostly just me and mommy), and the size of the tang yuan are so damn tiny, =________= I love something bigger....

Ok, Anyway, wish you guy a post Happy Winter Solstice Festival!

PS: Tonight my friends and I are going to exchange Christmas present, I'm looking forward on their present. *emmm* I'm so excited right now, gonna wrap my present later!

Oh yeah, I've been busying on my assignment this few days, it's freaking annoying that when I'm doing assignment, there is some people who like to interupt, hate it damn much! However, some of the assignment has been done, hurray...Imma is looking forward for tonight! ^^v

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