Sunday, November 22, 2015

BRACE MY LIFE| First day on braces!

So, I have finish my exam three days ago.

How the exam? I would say DON'T EVEN ASK! I just wish I don't even need to revisit the textbook again. Anyway, that's still need more more more prayers for my result.

Well, I am having braces for almost one month and I am getting used to it already (with upper braces). However, there are still things that I couldn't used to it was the fact I am having something food-sticking problem with my braces and brush the freaking braces everyday single minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh well, I don't really brush in the middle of breakfast and after lunch but I did well in dinner (probably like twice after eating).  With braces, I tend to be more clean in the sense that I brushed A LOT!!

I am still rarely have difficulty in consuming food. From the first I had this upper braces, I had steamboat twice in three weeks, noodles, rice, chicken, pork and all those normal food except freaking hard chocolate biscuit, sticky food (but I had tried sticky rice, it still all good) and very chewy seafood (overcooked squid, the rest is still alright).

Nevertheless, bottom braces tomorrow, quite excited and at the same time nervous about it. Christmas and family trip is around the corner, hope I can consume everything in Penang. Oh yes! Family trip at Penang but the plan still yet to be out. LOL! I am kinda lazy on this, and more consideration needed for differences preferences between us and other family members.

Back to the topic.

Everyone was asking me why I need braces even though my teeth seems like alright. SEEMS LIKE ALRIGHT! That's the point. I used to have this "toothless" tooth hide beneath my the other tooth, is like invisible! Whenever I smile, the tooth will just hide itself up and decided not to reveal.

When I was a kids, I used to have terrible teeth (sweet tooth) and everyone will laugh at me for my "bogeh" (toothless) teeth whenever they saw. And I remembered how I felt embarrassed when taking the Kindergarten graduation photo, the photographer asked me to open my mouth while smile, but due to my sweet tooth I smiled awkwardly without open my mouth at all. Too embarrassing to show it to others, so at the end I have the funniest graduation picture of all.

Momi brought me to the dentist when I am about year 1 or year 2 just to pull off all the sweet tooth I had that time in order to let my teeth grow nicely. It was nicely grow at first and I am kinda proud that my bottom teeth was so nice and perfect. But then again, after all the perfect tooth grow, there is this tooth felt that it decided to grow inward instead. At first I wasn't really care about it coz as what others say IT JUST A TOOTH, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? 

I went for dentist consultation when I am young for the braces appointment, but ended up I was way too timid to extract my tooth plus the dentist recommended not to have it on since it just waste of money for one freaking crooked tooth. So yeap! Not from there on.. I have decided not to do it anymore for life.

Years goes on, until one day my cousins criticize on my tooth by using the world most nasty line ever Hahaha! Jie you Bogeh (You are toothless, sis) T____T

From that day onward, I tried not to think about it until my sis asked me to do it together before she want to get marry. LOL!

It has followed me throughout my life for many years, and everytime I smile like this, it is very obvious that I have a crooked tooth that hide beneath other tooth. Too shy to shine up I guess =___=

Hence, we have make an appointment on 14 November 2015 when I met the dentist Dr. Goh (supposed to Dr. Ho, but she wasn't available that day), and decided that I am going be UGLY BETTY for 2 years! YES! I rather happy than moody to be honest, proud to be ugly betty yo!.

21 November 2015 | We went for the appointment to put on the braces, and was really stressed up coz I was having online assessment the following day. Reading plus anxious about having to put the braces, mixed feeling.

When my sis came out from the dentist room, is my turn to go in. I was really excited but at the same time very nervous. Nevertheless, the process was quite smooth except one of the lady there talking some joke regarding Dr. Goh that make all the nurses (including Dr. Goh) laughed non-stop =__=

I choose light blue as my first choice coz I don't like bright pink at all (sis was on bright pink, and it looks gross lol).

That's first day of brace my life.

22 November 2015 | Second day of brace my life, and still feeling so great except for my sleepless eyes bag that ruined my life. Online assessment DUDE!

Closed up of brace my life, and I wasn't putting any bottom braces because Dr. Goh said we need to pull out our upper jaw before the bottom braces on.

Then again, is so ironically to put on bottom since I am having nice bottom teeth. *money fly away* Putting on bottom braces is to let my lower and upper jaw balance.

21 November 2015| My first meal after putting on braces, steamboat for celebrating aunty's birthday. LOL! Pretty good on biting all this except a big NO for lady finger. emmm...

Got this wax from the dentist in order to prevent me from having ulcer but then again, I had less ulcer after I put on this which is very good news for me. HAPPY!

According to Ting, she used lots of this when she was having braces years back. But for me, I kinda waste it a lot. I did put on some for the first few days, but I was lazy after that and decided not to use it anymore. It's all good still!

Seafood steamboat that i had first day and I am still missing it.

That's first few days of braces my life, and there will be more to come later. We are going on for second appointment tomorrow, and putting on the bottom braces make me damn excited.

How's the feeling of having bottom braces? 

I think I am able to handle it as well as what I had for upper braces. RIGHT?

Anyhow, just wish me luck!

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