Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Adventurous of Lydia: Running man!?


Learn this yoho from one of the WeChat emoticon. Lol!

Since everyone of us love running man so much so this would be appropriate to describe our journey in this round.

We had so much fun in the Formosan Aboriginal, get into our tour guide's car as soon as he arrived. And he is kinda frustrated on us because we were late after asking him to come and fetch us. 

Note to ourselves: never ever ask him to come when we still want to continue our game. 

So, after get into his car, we headed to Sun Moon Lake which located few kilometers from the Formasan Aboriginal Cultural Village. 

We had boat ride which cost around NTD300/person. 

There are three harbours that we rided to, first..
 Was Syuang Guang temple.

 It took approximately 10mins to arrive and the boat driver was very funny. He introduced the places with superb funny way.. Lame joke and most of the joke has been repeated like million times but still so funny.

Eg: Do you know Sun Moon Lake named after the shape Sun, Moon and  a Lake which we local also don't see it. Where is the sun and moon, as what they said. Lol! (Imagine in tune of duck sound) hahahahhaahahaaahahahaahahhaahaahah!!

Got bit dizzy while riding the boat as imma having heavy headache after those game. And the weather is freaking damn hot 30 Celsius OK?

The picture above is some handmade island which I forgot what is that anymore, if you are interested, Google or take that boat ride and listen to the boat driver again.

Stop at the harbour and mission starts now!

Since we lack of time so Shin and I were given the mission of taking as much pictures as possible and they will get as much food as possible. Sound like running man which all of us agreed on

First pictures and continue...

The handmade island actually look very tiny.

Syuanguan temple stone.

A boat ride ticket. Funniest thing is that after showing this ticket at the first stop, the person will give you a stamp on your hand and the stamp is like Smart Tag. So, the boat driver recognised their passagers via the stamp on their hand, blue or red?

I got the red one by the way.

The first stop at Syuanguang temple and guess what, this is the famous Ah Po herbal eggs (阿婆茶叶蛋).

Everyone here said is a MUST to have this and it tasted pretty good I would say. Quite different from Malaysia one, but almost similar.

Behind the stone.

Shin and I never go up to the temple due to time consuming so if you want to see the temple just Google.com.my ya.

I guess is the same for all the temple, but if we have the time we sure will make a visit on this.

Our boat and get into another station yo!

Second stop and the boat driver introduced more food for us. Running Man mission starts again.

Here goes, everyone of us got our food list on our hand, grab it and run to the harbour as fast as possible.

Yay! Let's go.

I ran as fast as possible and spot this pretty postman here. Say hi and bye after taking picture lol!

Their signature I guess. I just ran and snap and ran again. No time babe!

The famous 饭饭鸡翅, basically chicken wind with rice inside. And there is few flavour, spicy or not? So Malaysian always go for spicy!

It is so spicy that everyone of us gave up!

Highly recommended by the boat driver, Red tea with bursting jelly aka burst together (the shop's name) 爆在一起!

Is quite interesting when the jelly burst, and some liquid flow into your mouth. I had it back in Malaysia so it is not a WOW thing for me.

Another boat-driver-recommend, the mushroom bag (香菇包).

Honestly, I did not like it that much.

After buying all these foods, we ran all the way to the harbour and took our boat on time. Thank God!

Once we reached the last stop, we ran to our tour guide and we headed to our hotel for very famous steamboat.

This is our so called hotel, and is kinda of like a room.

It looks like this when we arrived at 6pm =___= felt so uncomfortable with the day and night timing but is getting better after few more days there.

Room-for-four and it is more than enough for four of us.

Had a wonderful steamboat feast there.

Big portion of pork.

Soup was very Chinese style, Sauerkraut soup with pork bone. Is very rare to have this kind of soup back in Malaysia but this is so delicious!

Unfortunately, it wasn't Ting flavoured so she only had few bite of it.

I am so happy because the hotel have this cute buddy here, a husky!

So cute and tame. I think her name is dodi or something that I always forgot. And my tour guide laughed at me because I mentioned the wrong name like always!!!

It has double eyes colour, white and brown

Had some chat outside the hotel 名宿 to be exact.

My highly recommended!

YAGULT NTD 40 per bottle
Bought these fruits at roadside stall, and when we asked for the price..silent! 

NTD 500 babe! Which is really expensive for fruits like that. Emmmm...

Prepared all these snack and yup! Chit chatting with our tour guide and the boss. Have some pictures with them but all at Ting's album so yay, will share once I have it.

Night scenery from the top of our hotel! Breathtaking!!!!

And we woke up the next morning just for the sunrise. Gonna blog it in my next post. Anyway, this is how we ended our first day in Taiwan.

Got really tired but worth for it I must say. I already tried so many unbelievable thing in my life so worth it!!!

Alright! Going for bed 😪😪😪😪 and Wednesday BLUE 💙💙💙💙

Good night! 😘😘😘😘

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