Sunday, November 8, 2015

The adventurous of Lydia: Express cultural studies

Currently addicted to travelling and I guess is because I was still in holiday mood after third week back in Malaysia.

Well, to continue my previous post on the cable car ride in Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village. 

It located at Nantou 南投, and we was at a tour instead of self travel so this kinda express studies for us. This is how I love self travel so much, you are able to travel all by yourself with the time flexibility. 

In the cultural village, most of their houses are so funny and we need to bend down in order to get inside.

There is a great playground as well, and I would never ever get into a Pirate Ship anymore. Shin and I got really sick after the ride and Ting and her sis were still alright.

Alright, this is how the house was, tinny. No offense Ting please, I never say that to you.


I think this their leader ceromony which the chef transfer some power to the next chef. I don't know how true is it for my explanation so just go there and read yourself. Fail travel blog ok? Ha-ha!

The kitchen and they will hang lotsa food.

Some ceremony for the aboriginal.

Read for the description.

We at the Paiwan village.

Direction to all sort of places.

Some kind of respectful decoration for their ancestors. I guess this is how they respect their ancestor, but is kinda creepy for me.

Wood for the kitchen.

To respect their ancestors.

And there is performance for their culture as well, but unfortunately we couldn't make it due to time inflexibility. T___T

You know I always like to explore more, but this tour just couldn't make a perfect one. Will come here again.

"Save water" in short.

Where the Taiwan sakura at, but we went on end of summer so there is no sakura at all. Emmm..

This is how they do magic on patient, so called the 巫医 Magic doctor.

I don't understand this but somehow it might works on them. I guess there is still on for this kind of treatment, hopefully it still works for some reason.

So this is how the express studies took us to another cultural level and end up went to have crazy ride at the playground.

Get info this ride and got cheated by the cute name, Space Mountain. It sounds like cute ride in the mountain whereby there is cute thing inside. Nah! Totally got cheated!!

While I was preparing to film the ride, it got faster and faster and faster!!! Gosh!!! It was a Space ROLLER COASTER!

I got shocked and same goes to Shin (especially her coz she was in front of me), and I quickly off my camera and hold it tight.

 The UFO ride which I had mentioned in my previous post, it is similar to Space Shot in Genting playground but somehow it is not as scary as Space Shot.

However, it freaked me out when it went up super high!!! I have height phobia since young but this is challenge so yay! I'm done!!!

 This is how it cheated on me T___T

And ice cream after the Pirate Ship ride!

Yay! That's end the express studies of the day, got really tired after the whole riding thingy. Like seriously and met the tour guide after that for another boat ride at Sun Moom Lake, gonna blog it next time. 

PS: should consider buying a laptop now, driving me crazy when I wanted to edit some of my wordings and pictures. Argh!!!

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