Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random | Exam is around the corner

Exam is on next Monday, and I'm still so confused on some of the terms and calculation. I wished to pass this paper as I failed it last round, money wasted, effort wasted, energy wasted ..everything wasted just because I was really confused and workload. Still remembered how stress I am when I'm having study leave, they called and asked all sort of questions which make me can't concentrate AT ALL!

This time round was quite alright, but I have less time for study. Two weeks this semester compared to 3 weeks last round was totally a gap! One weeks gap.. If I have enough time. Nevertheless, I was lucky and more focus this round, so yeap! Aza aza fighting to myself on Monday's exam.

Wish me luck and this is just a short update before I totally abandoned it forever and ever. Just kidding..

Good luck!

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