Friday, November 6, 2015

Thing that make me happy Day 3

Gosh! After one and two days I felt like give up already. Why some of them so addicted to this and can think of so many happy thing happened around them?

Am I being pessimistic or what? No ah. Just random thing happened over and over again in my life. Work>> eat>>> sleep >> wake up >> repeat. That's my life man!

Well, just squeeze at least one happy thing. Emm let me think. So, yesterday was quite happy coz I had free lunch. Save money.

Sometimes being a cheapstake isn't that bad, no harm other is alright.

I went to our firm training session and grab some of their food as my lunch and seriously way better than my training session. Chit chatting with my friends and having the wonderful meal of the day. Thank for the free lunch I had.

By the way, I went back early yesterday! Also happy thing..hahahaha!

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