Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Adventurous of Lydia: Taoyuan International Airport

你好,欢迎来到台湾! (Hi, welcome to Taiwan)

This is what the friendly air stewardee greeted me the moment I step out of the AirAsia plane. 

Well, the weather wasn't that pleasant these days in Taiwan, hot and humid at the same time.

So, Shin and I went to KLIA2 last two days ago before fly off to here (today was the third day in Taiwan) and poor thing is I'm studying in the plane half of the journey until the person sat besides Shin asked about it. Lol!

Around 5 hours, we finally arrived at the Taoyuan International Airport, and there is 30 mins due to traffic in this airport.  
 Once we touch down, we went to get our luggage which I got fed up because I was the last one to get it. Mmmm... Then ran all the way to the bus ticket counter to get a ticket to Taichung station to meet Ting and her sis.

 And sadly my luggage spoilt ahhh! I can't pull out my handle so I need carry and ran for the ticket, hurt my palm but it's all good now.

In order to go Taichung, we need to get a 客运 (bus) ticket. 国光客运 (kuo-kuang bus) NTD 240 per pax.

After that, we ran to the telecommunication counter to get our sim card. We choose 中华电信 because it gets better review on the speed and connection, so yeah it wins all. Ha-ha. Speaking about sim card, the saler is so friendly because we were so late when we arrived at the counter at probably 11pm and their counter closed at 10pm. Nevertheless, he still served us because he forget to put the CLOSED sign at that moment lol. Why so nice one? And we were so lucky to get both ticket at day.

 Then, we headed to their convenience store to get some food and it is so convenience that every Taiwanese can't live without it.

Anyway, the oden is tasteless but their sushi was nice.
 Spent the whole night charging our phone at this place.

 The bus schedule, ours was 6.30 in the morning.

 Still energetic at 2am, by the way, we stayed in the airport for 7 hours before heading to Taichung.

 And it is so nice that they served USB plug as well.

 Baby DG travel Taiwan with me. Lol

 Trying some of my camera mode and there is so many people there at this hour (3am).

 Finally is time to get up the bus to meet Ting and her sis yo.

1860 to Taichung for kuo-kuang bus.

 Bay 3 is the place we waited for our bus to arrive, and there will be some delay every time according to those people working there.

 Here we go 1860!!!

Two tickets for two persons lol!

The weather was still alright at the moment.

And here the bus arrive....

And I'm gonna blog again soon..

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