Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tourism Malacca, food and more!


"Do you interested in joining the Nuffnang's event" 

and yes, this is the reason I'm back Malacca this week. Nuffnang had invited me to join a sponsored trip to Mamee factory yesterday. Imma will blog about this soon. Anyway, momi and I together with sis went breakfast before joining the event.

We went the famous oystel mee suan besides the Orang Utan House shop, is somewhere at Jonker. The famous place in Malacca yo!

Waited around 30 minutes just for this famous oystel mee suan. I saw lots of tourist were there waiting for it as well.

Oystel eggs

I don't know whether this is famous not, but it is from the same shop.  Papa couldn't egg so all the oystel go to him. 

 While waiting momi to fetch us back, we  do some tourist-must-do things. Non-stop taking picture with the awesome Orang Utan Shop. Lol

 This is sis with the background.

 Selfie non-stop I would say.

*skip the event part coz I'll blog real soon, and fast forward to post event*

After event, Jennifer and I were quite excited for more foods, I mean more gossip and ice cream. Hahaha!

 The famous durian and dragon fruit yogult ice cream.

I choosed durian because it tasted better than the dragon fruit...nah! Just kidding, I simply just love durian so much.

So coincidence that there is another event at Malacca river. The dragon boat contest. 

Most of them are ang mo (western) and some of them is Asian. They are really good in that especially the light blue team. Haha! 

Breakfast of the day. Cooked this breakfast with sis for our Sunday morning.

Saw my friend posted hearty breakfast last week, so we decided to have it today. Kinda of full after that.

Ps: the eggs was fried by momi coz we really don't know how mata kerbau being cook.

 Happy meal of the day, and this is for Lewis, the meat eater. 

It sound so funny when we actually nicely place vegetables on our plate, and compared it with his plate. Cannot stop laughing at his pity portion of food. And he keeps claimed that why his portion was so little. Lol

No vegetables nothing..only ham, eggs bread and 3 hotdog which sis gave him pitily. 

Hearty dinner that sis made during weekdays.

She cuts lotsa fruits and mixed it nicely with yogult. So nice and I love the sweet grape the most.

Hearty breakfast on Friday by my company. Every Friday breakfast. Y so nice?

After posting too much food, i felt bit of hungry. Gonna grab some snack now teehee!


Ps: I realise I always end so sudden. Sorry. 

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