Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Sunday with Thomas Cup


Update this before heading to the bathroom and start up so called a day. 

Today is going to be quite relax day for me and I'm seriously going back early today. Hope so by the way.

Anyway, yesterday was Thomas Cup day and I know some of might said Malaysian team lost! No public holiday for us!! Or just me? I know I'm bad but I seriously need a public holiday in order to relax more before heading to another crazy peak. Mmmm...

Like sis's crazy face. Lol.

We were making fun at the mirror in one of the shopping mall. Huge mirror means more selfie hahaha

The one and only normal and edited picture we had. Lol!

The following will be crazy selfie of us ..

Window shopping really make me sleepy and felt so pointless. Sigh!

Went back uncle's place and enjoy the everyone-woo-about Thomas Cup. Team Malaysian vs. Japan although Malaysia team lost the game in the end. 

I didn't watch til the end as I already knew what will happen to the game.. my guessing always right. Quite disappointed on the second game. Lol.. they are great anyway, at least we are second too!


Well, went back home with sis and continue my everytime-favourite book.
Is going to end soon... mmm..

What's next? Introduce some nice book to me please. *begging fiercely* lol.

Alright! End and start work.

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