Saturday, June 14, 2014

Marathon and we did it!


Good morning world.

Friday the 13th is a past tense and let's look forward for today. By the way, I was quite lucky yesterday, and I pass my exam yo. Goddam happy you know, worried for almost one month plus and others keep asking when my result out. Stressful you know?

Well, I think I'm out of topic, so let's start the marathon things. Planned to run this marathon when Jennifer asked me last two months, and I was like I can run meh? Don't want lah... sure the slowest one. You all go lah. Can meh? Can meh? Then half willing and unwilling I registered myself as a rumner for fun run 5km. My sis join the run as well, and to be honest, I think my sis can run coz she is much thinner and shorter and more stamina than me. I'm like a total fatty and less stamina and seriously can't run lah. So tough ok?

Anyway, registred means I'm seriously in this game, and I'm gonna train my stamina tho only 5km. Train myself few weeks before the marathon, and my sis and I went swimming quite frequently compared to last time though she train more than me. Lol. I'm so lazy after work.

Last Sunday was the marathon, and I'm seriously dam nervous, coz I don't train myself well at that point, and not know how long is 5km. Drive takes 5mins means we run also very long leh. 

Woke up around 6am, and prepared myself for this event, Ting was late, and Bee totally MIA. Lol.

Jen, Agnes (her naughty sis haha), sis and me were ready for this most of the time. 

Starting point was quite stable, and I can run more than I have expected, not bad wey. 

 Ending point after I finished omg! I'm seriously did it.

 We did it within one hour. For those who run often, sure think this is just piece of cake, but seriously a tough one for me.

 And Pravin is the best among us,around 35mins complete the run. My sis ran within 45 min and I'm 50mins. Not bad right?
 Selfie with our medal

And more selfie with the late comer, Ting lol. She doesn't run after that, wasted.
Our medal for Melaka River International Marathon 8 June 2014.

One of the sponsored is Mamee and few sponsored from others.

I've never know I can run that far and long, and is like unbelievable. Next round should standard charter marathon year end. Go go go! Sis and Jen are going for the Enerhizer night run this coming Aug and I couldn't because of work. No time train ok? Lol.

I did it! #100HappyDays

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