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Sponsored post: A day in Mamee Factory with Malaysian bloggers

“Are you interested in joining the Mamee chef factory on Saturday?”

Received call from Nuffnang office last Thursday, and I am glad that I had the chance to join the EVENT with all the Malaysian bloggers to Mamee Chef Factory at my hometown Malacca.

Although I knew Mamee was founded in my hometown long ago (probably when I am 13 or 14 years old), but I have never step in to this factory UNTIL YESTERDAY. Thus, this is kind a great opportunity for me to explore more on the whole factory. Awesome!!!!


We reached around 11.15am, and joining the group immediately to their Mamee Factory. Before making all the visiting, they gave us some briefing on how Mamee was founded in 1971, and their brand new Mamee Chef Mee Tarik or Ramen in Chinese.
  She explained  how Mamee factory was born, and show video regarding the old factory in 1971.

They served Lite Yo Nutrigen before the briefing, and I was like is this their product? (Sorry for being so less informative before going the trip). I have never known that Mamee factory actually produce Nutrigen, Double Decker, Mister Potato and etc. All of them are my childhood love, and remember how happy when I have collected enough money to buy a packet of RM0.20 Mamee Monster snack.

Do you remember?

They have variety of products from drink to snack to instant noodle; I was glad that I have attended the event and learn a lot from the visit.

Do you know that they have now produced the new brand MAMEE CHEF MEE TARIK???

They invited their chef from China to present the way of Tarik or pull the Ramen, and the more she Tarik the noodles, the more the tender the noodle be. Sound interesting huh? She pulls the ramen, and then bounces it, then pulls again, over and over again.

Until it becomes to tender and bouncy... She proudly presents her Mee Tarik to us.
After the China chef, it is their “little chef” SHOW TIME babe!! She cooked the tomyam paste, and everyone was like wow! It smells really goddam nice! You wanna be the master chef, buy Mamee Chef Mee Tarik and I bet you can be one once you cook it.

The whole room is full of the aroma, and seriously goddam good!

The secret ingredients reveal.
 If you wanna cook it, this is it, the secret ingredient of the paste, but listens to me, just go any shopping mall and grab Mamee Chef Mee Tarik, and you can be master chef already.
Easy and save time! The Z generation style!

The paste is getting brighter once it has cooled down awhile, and it makes everyone drool. Comparing the before and after cooling.

 It looks different but tasted the same.

OMG!!!  Drooling already cannot resist!!!

Sandwiches and Melaka infamous one- one (read as o-ne o-ne). Refreshment was given to us while listening to the briefing. I heard the o-ne o-ne is nice, but I didn’t have it because I was waiting for mouth-watering lunch. LOL!

Anyway, after the refreshment, we grouped into colours, and headed to the factory when the group leader called.

Making fun the decoration they provided and all of us was like so crazy on this super-big-spec.
I was super excited!!
Selfie and photoboomed by blogger mommy with her kids!
So much fun with the bloggers, and all of them was freaking friendly and talkative.
Selfie with Jennifer while listening to the briefing yo!!!! Both of us were so excited to be there, glad being invited.

Alright! Now is time to go into the factory!!!

Being led by the group leader and their staff to their factory, and at first I thought it will be like those normal factory whereby everyone were requested to wear some clothes on, but it is cool that we didn’t need to, because we were like watching from the top!!

OMG! Clean and air-condition!!!!!! Can you believe it?????

Yo! I am right inside the factory watching them produce my favourite childhood snack!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????????

The factory is very clean and there are several sections whereby the Mamee noodles and snacks were produced.
From mixing the flour to frying to packaging was all shown inside the mirror, and we basically standing here looking at the process one-by-one from mixing the flour. And trust, it is super clean!!!!!
This was the mixing process whereby they put the flour and mixed it using the machine.

Steaming station whereby all the raw material being steam up!

The cup noodle being shaped, and are ready go to into the frying session.
After frying, the workers were doing quality checking and look! All the low quality was taken out, how wish I can go in and grab everything!!!!

They served lunch after the factory visit, and you know what they served everything from Mamee such as Cheers, cake, satay and Malacca specialty Chicken Rice Ball from their Mamee Jonker House where we were going NEXT!!!
Chicken Rice Ball and Satay from Mamee Jonker House
The rice ball is superb, and the chicken is very tender and I love their chili the most.  Besides that, the satay is goddam delicious, and I love their satay paste as well.
Green Tea cake from Mamee Jonker House
And my favourite black forest cake from Mamee Jonker House!
I love it the most of all, it is sooooo chocolaty, and so goddam soft. I really can eat non-stop for this every day. 

 Goodies bag given to the bloggers

Met blogger, Fiona from Malacca, let’s us take a selfie!

Mamee Jonker House!!!

We arrived before all the yellow team reach, got to meet some famous bloggers, such as KY, Janeschwan and etc. And selfie with KY OMG!!

Anyway, this isn’t the point here, back to the Mamee Jonker House. Mamee Jonker House basically their retail shop, and sell lots of their products from Mamee Snack to Mamee Chef Mee Tarik to souvenir to T-shirt to café! All -in-one retail shop I should say. 

Souvenir from Mamee Jonker House

Toy for the kids!

Their new product Prefecto
I am going to try it for sure!!!!

The Mamee Monster came over and greet all of us happily, and we were like come! Picture with me!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA..

Fool our Mamee Monster while taking picture with him. SO FUNNY! And when he shakes hand with me, he made a face like ouch!! My hand is pain face to me. Nah! Am I that hard? HAHAHAHA!  I can’t stop laughing and making fun of him. LOL!

Jennifer: Follow Fun Square Instagram please!!!

Their cafe located right behind their retail shop, and their signature Mamee mee mamak goreng is the best! 
you may try it when you are here!

There are few activities kids can be joining, and I felt is quite interesting coz I can bring my little cousins here with them not being bored. One of the activities was to create your own customized Mamee cup noodle. 

They provided colour pens as well as Mamee cup for us to design. How good is that! 

Colouring my own customized cup noodle. SO FUN!!

After all the colouring and drawing has done, next step is to go to the station and get your customized cup noodle all done! 

1) Place your PP into the slot, but we just saw the staff there coz I think there is some problem with the slot things LOL!

2) Choose four choices of condiments such as corn, carrot flake and etc (6 choices in total).

3) Press this green button to seal the lid of our cup noodle. 

Quite fun coz you got to see how the lid being seal....

All the cup noodles is waiting to be wrap. LOL!

4) wrap 
5) Shrink wrapping

6) And TADA! My customized Mamee cup noodle is ready to be collect. 

My very first customized cup noodle, and it was so fun to see the cup noodle being process as well. Interesting....

Selfie while waiting for the cup noodle being seal and wrap. We both were so excited. OMG!!

Selfie again! 

Our customized cup noodle reveal yo!



And so cute, it has expired date. If you are interested, you may go to the Mamee Jonker House, and have your own customized cup noodle done. 

Is only RM3.50 per cup, cheap right?


Mamee Monster and Baby monster with our customized cup noodle. How happy is that!

Monster Kitchen

Another activity for kids is to make our own noodle in Monster Kitchen, and I guess kids should be very happy in this Monster Kitchen, coz their staff is so friendly. 

However, if you are interested in this activity, make a booking before headed to Mamee Jonker House, coz they have lots of students for this session. Book first if you don't want to miss it. 

They will provide all the utensil as well as cooking tools in the Monster Kitchen, so you don't need to bring any. Very convenience to their customer who is in walk-in basis. 

Thank you Nuffnang and Mamee for sponsoring us to this event, and I am glad that I had attended. 

Lastly, the winner of the instagram being announced, and of coz  I am not the lucky one. T___T
Some of the winner (picture below)

#MameeChefDay and get the grand prizes. How lucky is that!!

Thank you gift from Nuffnang and Mamee.

Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity, and I am glad that I have attended and will attend more in future.

The one-day trip ended very successfully, and I got lots of Mamee product as well, really big thank to Mamee for such a nice gift. Thank you.

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