Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let me take a selfie

Hello bello!

Beware for this entry because it will flood with food porn, and I bet you will hate me after reading this. Sorry for that, but please continue reading until the end. Ok?

So, Bee and Jennifer together with Agnes came to KL for a 1-day trip, and we had a small gathering at MidValley yesterday. Well, suddenly plan always goes well with us, no kidding. 

The plan will goes off automatically when we plan it in advance, and I mean most of the time. I guess this is just our tradition or simply just love to delay whatever in advance haha.

Opps! Did I mentioned Ting joined the gathering too? No? Ok, let me tell you some story behind. Last week, Jennifer, Agnes (Jen's sis) and I had planned to meet up at MidValley yesterday. On last Friday, upon discussion in our group, all agreed except Shin to meet up at MidValley the NEXT day. So sudden yet success one!

Bee was like ok! Buy for me bus ticket. 

Our gathering is around 12pm, and tell you what I met my ex-colleague MJ there, so coincidence. I didn't see her since the day I resigned from the firm, so happy to meet her there. Besides that, I saw the guy behind the scene (her boyfriend in exact) hahahahaa!

Anyway, are you ready for food porn now? Yes or no? By the way, we went Sushi Zanmai for lunch after "shop" at Borders nearby. The only persons who really shop there is Jen and Agnes for their BRIM voucher. Lol! 

Yeap! I'm blaming HAHAHA!


#1 Bee's Don.

Alright, let us take a selfie first. 

I mean twice HAHAHAHA.

Sorry for my bad skill, coz I have no long hand and this is the reason I should get a Go Pro lol! *excuses*

Went Borders and saw this book.

This is a book talking about a 24 year old girl went 24 country within 257 days. OMG!

Ting was like I wonder how much she spent for the whole trip. LOL! Tomo always wanted to have self travel, but yet to accomplish due to certain circumstances such as parents' disagreement.

Ps: imma really hope Shin and Jen can follow us to Boracay next year. Please please please.

Continue our food porn LOL

#2 Edamame

My sis and I will never ever order this in any Sushi house but now I think is worth it eating with lots of people.

Very refreshing start up.

#3 Kofuko

#4 Jen's Udon and fried chicken

Ps: I'm too lazy to Google for the name.

"How to squeeze lemon on the oystel?" 

The sisters are so cute, Jen was like squeze lah, then Agnes was like huh? How to sqeeze? I squeeze ah, I seriously squeeze ah. LOL!

Goddam cute, cannot tahan hahaha.

#5 Ting's Katsu Don

#6 semi-baked salmon sushi

This is soooo good.

#7 soft crab maki

#8 my Ten Don

My favourite but it is too dry after eating too much fried foods.

#9 prawn, avocado and chicken floss maki.

Pss: I googled some of the name for the type of sushi, but in the end I gave up because when I searched semi-baked salmon, it came out with keiko which mean whale. Lol! So much different!!

I felt so hungry after posting too much good food porn. Ok lah, I end with a picture that you guy can disgest smoothly after that.

Let me take a selfie!

So do you feel digested or you want to puke? Lol!

The most success selfie was our Mong Ting, and I bet most of the runningman fans will know what I meant. She took quite long for that Mong (blur) look, and insist all of us to join her. Lol!

The rest of us just smile and chi-cak that's it!

Ps: I should go for hair cut before heading to Bangkok next 2 weeks. Started to feel happy already. AWESOME! 

Ok end!

*I love sudden ending as well* lol

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