Sunday, June 22, 2014

Meeting with the girls and GoPro


Imma gonna blog about my outing with the girls and Miki mommy awwwww..

We planned this outing since months ago, and we finally met each other after 3 months yo. 

Three of us were so excited to meet Miki and yes she is pregnant now. Omg! I'm gonna be aunty after her baby born. Sound so old.. *heart break but so excited still* LOL!

Well, Shinyi was the late comer of the day, and surprisingly I'm second earliest hahaha! Nope! I'm not that late every outing emmm... *guilty*

 So, late comer not allow to selfie with us for the time being hahaha!

Ps: we sent this picture to the group and she seriously "flew over" to meet us in 8mins I guess.

Hard to decide what to order, and big head and I were like hey! What you wanna order? This or that? Oh noo... cannot decide lah!!! 

I ordered this healthy Dragon Fruit smoothie and I meant it when I said healthy. Too sweet and WEIRD! *dislike*

Before the gathering, I told them to bring their newly bought camera, and I was totally gone crazy after seeing it. 


Big head's Go Pro Hero 3

I seriously gone crazy after seeing this, and I thought this was like very expensive camera, but is not! Is affordable for most people, and is water proof. 

Really cannot stop thinking about this, coz I'm going Boracay next year and this is really a good cam to under water. Oh no...

And the thing is, it is super small. Only size of one palm.

 Go pro shoot #1

And where is Miki mommy? Lol

 Go pro shoot #2

Miki mommy is here!

 Go pro shoot #3

Outside the Food Avenue Aeon. Haha! All of us so crazy, playing with the GoPro cam right in the middle of Aeon.

Listen to what the baby is talking, and he say HI to us with his little kicking in the tummy. Awwwwww So cute lah..

Three of us touched the tummy, and I was really excited because the tummy is hard, and someone is kicking his mommy yo!

Ps: probably he just don't want us to touch his mommy tummy.

 GoPro shoot #4

Selfie before Shinyi going back home, and we ended our outing after that.

Gonna miss them a lot, but we gonna meet each other again before Miki mommy deliver yo! *excited*

Ps: can't wait the baby to born now lol
Pss: I yet to get the photo from Shinyi's Fujifilm cam, so no example. Her cam also dam good, the colour and I love the fact that the shutter speed was quite fast. Awwww... dilemma!

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