Friday, July 4, 2014

Say NO to Cyber bully


I'll be talking about cyber bully today and is a real story. It related to both parties girl a and girl b.

Girl a basically just my friend, and she is kind a low profile so she doesn't want to reveal herself here. 

Girl b is the freaky girl I'm gonna talk about. 

Cyber bully in my own definition is writing something nasty on others social media such as instagram, Facebook and etc.

I don't really think rude people should be forgiven. 

So, this freaky girl b posted a nasty post on girl a wall post that day, and basically is like cursing girl a to death. Something like are you dead? Or you think we were dead? And #donodelete. Then girl a was answering quite politely that she personally not dead just her phone dead. 

Ok, I still think is alright to this extend, BUT I think dead is a bad word to me. Please lah, you don't say are you dead to others like that. Is really rude and nasty. 

Alright! Now girl a replied the wall post and this freaky girl b replied again with no one tell me your phone dead also. Come on lah, if I want to go shit also want tell you meh? 

Is this her fault not to tell you that her phone was dead? She has a choice to tell or not to tell. 

The worst part is when there are nasty wall posts around, there are many supporters, and I don't know why they are supporting the wall post instead of helping the innocent person. Damn!

The supporter A was supporting the girl b on the phone dead statement, and stated that she has her own version on the dead phone. On what my understanding is girl a has another phone and she replied one of the group chat that a friend of supporter a was in. My point is what the hell doing with you if she reply there and not your message? 

Do you curse people when they don't reply your message? I don't!!! 

Ok now she #donotdelete on that particular  wall post, BUT she deleted all by herself after girl a supporter wrote something insulting to them. So chicken! You dare to write but no guts to accept the fact that you are in a wrong position. I look down on you man! 

All this cyber bully has one pattern which is NO GUTS and try make an attention and hide all by themselve after they found out they are in bad position. 

Delete wall post doesn't mean you are right, and this girl b somemore wrote in their group chat about she deleting the wall post because someone insulting her, and she like I don't want fight with that person because I don't want put down face! 

See! This is how gutless she is, dare to post but when come to bad position, HIDE!!!

The worst part is that the supporter a said I think the person doesn't know this is our way of talking, so the person offended because she thought we are cursing her. 

Gosh! They really don't know what had actually hurt someone innocent. I mean JOKING and CURSING is two different things, and please don't act like an angel after cursing someone. I mean we don't curse someone or talk like that with friends, and you consider you are her close friend. Shut your mouth and eat your shit!!!

I personally don't use the D words to all my friends, and I think is very rude to others as well. Am I right? 

You will never know how your words might kill someone life. 

Cyber bullying is being common nowadays, either between real friend or random people in social media, and most of them are just nasty, gutless and faceless people on earth who like to give nasty or cursing comment to others. 

Should stop doing this before you end someone life randomly, and I bet you will regret or you won't because you are faceless people. What the heck!

Anyway, the girl a quite upset after the incident, and she was moody all day long because of those post, and you see! This is the consequence of cyber bullying. 

So please end this kind of game as soon as possible!

Alright, before I end this post, I should enlightened you all by showing some food porn! Lol

 Crayfish also known as crawfish on our department dinner three days ago.

 And more foods during that day, from appetizers to main course to dishes to desserts.

Ps: no desserts picture because I don't really a fans of Apple Crumble. Hahaha!

Kimchi as dinner yesterday.

It is very juicy and spicy at the same times, a gift from my uncle before heading back to my rented home last Sunday.

I should brought the Kimchi here, so that I can enjoy the Kimchi fried rice that my sis and I planned few days ago.

Ps: going back Melaka tomorrow morning, and imma is damn excited coz we are going to have steamboat party tomorrow yo!

Well, I should sleep right now so BYE! 

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