Friday, May 16, 2014

Wesak day!


Alright! I know is kind of late to post this, but I still wanted to blog about it.

I went Wesak procession with momi on Monday, and I'm on leave that day in case anyone of you bother to know about it Lol!

So, the procession was quite a success one I would say. Thousand of people join this event every year.

This is the 12th year I'm joining the crowd! 

Kinda excited when momi told me so. She was like hey! Do you know this will be our 12th year walking for Wesak? My very first time was when I'm 12 years old, momi drag me to follow the crowd, and unfortunately it was a 10 years once long procession. I still remember my sis cried because she is too tired, wow! Feeling old remembering all these, it was 12 years back. 

So memorable, and still we are walking for it, but sis wasn't here this year coz she can't get any leave. Too bad! She kinda regret actually. 

 Anyway, this is The famous one in SKE. Everyone came just to see this! Lord Buddha with stainless steel car.

 Exchange flower with Xandra because this one looks nicer and she loves mine. Win-win situation. Lol!

Waiting for the opening ceremony! And the weather was so nice, a little bit of wind. Yeap! Happy Wesak Day.

Ps: I went back work the day after Wesak day, and guess what! I'm coming home again tonight. Omg! Kinda excited.

Gonna celebrate Mother's day this week since last week was quite hectic for Wesak day, chanting all that.

Excited and can't wait!

Alright! Gonna continue my work


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