Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random post: Just a sum up


Well, it is basically a total sum of my days in a week. Trying to update as frequent as possible, but somehow it doesn't work as what I thought.

So, should start with today's steamboat dinner with sis and friends. 

 It is nice steamboat and I like the fact that we can BBQ while steamboat-ing. The BBQ merchandise was not in the picture, but you may just imagine something like that as per below picture.

Just like this! By the way, this was taken last week for Mother's day celebration at home.

 Sis made this last Wednesday in order to keep fit. Lol! Nothing to do with keep fit actually, is just we didn't want to waste the yogult we bought few days ago.

 Saw this fellow the day after the BBQ party. Sorry for jumping here and there. This was on last Sunday and this mean Saturday was the party.

You are bad in calculation if you still don't get it. Hahahaha! Don't get offended.

 Continue today story.

Here another picture of more food from today's steamboat session. Kinda full after having lotsa food in two hours, and we failed to build a "food mountain" today.

 Alright! Jump back to last Saturday again.

We prepared lotsa food for our Korean style BBQ party, spot the vege? And you will know what to do next. Wrap chicken/pork with yellow onion and salad is heaven! So nice and we actually added some Korean sauce to spice it. Omg! I can tell this BBQ is a success one and everyone love it soooo muchhh especially bro.

Ps: will blog more on that in my next entry

Currently reading the smart one and the pretty one by Claire Brown, and is really very interesting.

Continue my storybook right now. Toodle!

Sound so pointless for the entire entry, and I think most of you would be confusing, but anyway just take it easy lol.


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