Saturday, May 17, 2014

Appreciation dinner @ Alof Hotel


I'm here again. 

I went department appreciation dinner yesterday, and it was a buffet style dinner. Kinda happy coz got to see my fellow batchmate after so long. Some of them still the same funny people.

All of us went the hotel after work, and I left early because I need to rush back hometown for BBQ party today. Yeah! 

 My first round was the best. Salmon, more salmon for appetizers! I'm seriously love salmon and my friend Joanne too!

 Second round.

Typical Malaysian food lol!
 My not-so-lucky number.

I didn't get any prizes and you know what! The first prize is a flight ticket to Krabi. OMGggg! it is so nice, end up one of the senior got it.


 Introduce my fellow batchmate! Funny girls!!!

Me and Joanne, and Shanice busy Whatsapp her friend. She very busy, keep whatsapp while Joanne and I were talking.

Anyway this is just a short update, imma gonna prepare for BBQ party later!

OMG! Can't wait for the Korean plus Malaysia style BBQ ok! lol..

ps: feeling happy right now

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