Monday, May 12, 2014

1-day trip to Muar, JB


I'm back blogging after so long is because I'm busy with exam and work recently. On leave today for the wesak procession later, so excited!

As what the title said, I had my one day trip to Muar with friends from the Uni. So miss them, and have not seen them for months. 

 Woke up super early yesterday to meet these girls except Jennifer lol.

Not seeing Rebecca for 2 months and she is still the same funny girl ever, love to tease and fight with me wherever we go.

 And this girl always the best for teasing and caring.

Ps: Jennifer said I look mature here, is that good thing? Getting older I think haha.

 Posing really not for me. I'm not good with that obviously. Lol

 You see! The only pose I gave was standing there and 1,2,3 cheeseeee!

 Two of them really great poser I would say.

Couldn't find the picture that included Jennifer haha! Just skip her coz she is not important now hahahaha! Bet she will be angry and not wanting to talk to me anymore lol. Just kidding...

Alright! Now start the food adventure.

The fried raddish was not that bad as last time I'd tried before.

The laksa that Rebecca introduce also quite delicious but Jennifer doesn't fancy about emmm..

The fried kweo tiao is the best among all. I seriously love this and with the otak makes perfect match.

Then our next stop is to an awesome place where they served cakes and juice. The food basically quite normal, but the environment is really awesome!

The letter made of nail! Cool right?

Wifi is provided, so if you want upload picture in instagram, facebook or whatsapp, just do it. Lol

They sell zakka as well.

Selfie with the very greenish background. Spot the gate? It seriously dam western style.

Nah! Jennifer is here lol.
Couldn't believe this is at Muar. So niceeee! Wish to go back this place again.

Spot us?

Failed posing with the natural sunlight. However, it is now my Facebook profile picture anyway! Captured by Jennifer the high requirement camerawoman.

The desserts I love the most. Caremel and cappuccino cake with passion fruit tea.

Dance. Love. Sing. Live.

This is so true! Happiness is not having the best of everything.

After the awesome cafe, we headed for our lunch at a restaurant that name after birdnest. It sound birdnest actually.

Pineapple juice that everyone ordered in that restaurant. I bet this is a must for this.

It taste soury, not that bad actually.

Thai style taufu which Jennifer requested

The asam fish. Omg! This is the best and it tasted just like home. Momi usually cook this when I'm home. Awww...

Second round otak dish. Is famous in Muar ok? How can you don't eat otak when you in Muar?

Shinyi and Rebecca's favourite, petai sambal prawn and squid. Omg! Imma really not petai fans, say no to it all the time. Tried yesterday and still dislike it so much. Sorry petai!

Selfie in the car before Rebecca headed back to her house T__T

Then Jennifer joined the selfie group

Then Shinyi the last one to join! Yo...

Muar has the tallest antenna compared to Melaka. 

Is really dam tall! So nice.

The whole trip was quite a success eventhough it just few hours in Muar. I love Muar food as well as the cafe. 

Gonna plan another trip again next time, and is very near to Melaka. Awww.. 

Alright! Gonna take nap before heading for the wesak procession


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