Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a tomo day!

 Hello world!

I'm so freaking tired after shopping for more than 10 hours searching for tomo birthday gift, especially mine. I admitted ok?

At first, they were like let's go lunch together today, and caryn our "new friend" from Sabah tag along. Lol! Then, their mission started after having lunch, search for my last year birthday present.

Oh gosh! Y still remember, and is really hard for me to tell what I want coz basically I don't need anything. Lol

This is our lunch by the way.

Having boost juice after walking for 3 hours in the mall. And Shin almost puke after drinking. Scary  plus I'm not ready if she really puke.

It doesn't taste the same like what they drank in Desa Park, KL.  KL style..LOL. not criticism ok?

 Camwhore around at Shihlin stall while waiting to meet Jennifer, the left out one!

At the end she doesn't join coz she needs to be home at 6.30pm. ==lll

She missed lots of fun today, and quite pity her coz she needs to work. Today is Malacca historical day, a public holiday for all of us except Jennifer the poor thing. Hahaha!

 This girl was so sad because we camwhore without her haha. Just saying...

 Three of us camwhoring while Ting went to buy top up ticket for Jennifer, so you know who you owe for that ticket Jennifer!!!

 And after so many round, we turned back to the first handbag they spotted, and bought it on the spot.

Thank you very much *sob+touch*

I got a new handbag after two years! The one the ladies (shinyi, datou and miki) gave to me on my 21st was fully utilise and I'm loving it. Don't be sad I changed my bag now haha!

 Ok! Jump to here again, camwhore for the second time before Ting back from buying ticket.

 Then I whatsapp to my sis to show her what I get today! Hahahaha... yaya papaya (show off)

Jennifer sent us this in whatsapp to show off her instex got from Bee, then we revenge by sending....


An instex camwhore without HER!! HAHA! She totally upset about it.

Don't be's okay, we will instex again next time haha!

Anyway, thank for the gift and I really love it. Alright! Now is my turn to think of what I should buy for someone again.

Ps: more fun if I didn't mention who I gave but what is the point when all of us already knew the sequence. Lol.

So funny today because we already knew the sequence and yet still act like we didn't know. Then got so fed up and reveal the truth until Jennifer said she is not my secret Santa ...all of us laughed at her coz she is still pretending and in facts we, the four already started to discuss what to buy for the respective person lol

Ps; still not yet buy present, what should I buy???

Ok! Time for bed coz tomorrow is chef day!

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