Sunday, December 8, 2013

Steamboat for birthday celebration

Hello! I'm back right here again for some updates!!!!

Well, I'd been working since last week, and honestly I didn't do anything since it was a training week. HAHA! Anyway, training end next Tuesday, and the real working life starts soon. By the way, one of my friends got a job as well in Melaka, good luck to her.

So, today wasn’t my birthday but I’m gonna talk about my birthday celebration brata and sista gave me. It was not a surprise one yet an already-knew birthday celebration. They asked me to plan the whole celebration all by myself, and before that they actually brought me to purchase my own birthday presents one month ago. Sound weird huh!? A badminton racket with PINK grip! How cute is that!

I got to use my present few days after they’d purchased, and you know what, they actually keep it after I used it. OMG! What the hell?? It wasn’t an official presentation (as what they said), so they asked me gave back. How sad is that! Well, I still didn’t get the racket after I used twice. LOL!

Anyway, I was happy because they planned birthday on Sunday! Sunday = Family day = my birthday celebration day. Ah! That’s how we’d “family” portrait every birthday celebration. HAHAHAHA!
Talking about celebration, my birthday celebration was steamboat feast! Love it or not? Just eat!

So let’s wait for my birthday celebration, and I’ll talk more about it!

Looking forward?
Yeap! Kinda.

Not surprise?
Yeap! Obviously I know the whole celebration because we are old enough to surprise anyone.

Emmm! Kinda? Quite normal feeling.

Yeap! Definitely!!!

Aright!!! Now gonna share the after celebration picture!
 Me and my lovely cake.

 Brata and sista gang in group!

 The badminton player!!

 They gave me this cute pinky cupcake as my present. LOL!

Then, we went to Tong Wok, Melaka for dinner
 Is a steamboat plus tepanyaki dinner

I put some spring onion so that it looks good in this picture. HAHAHAHA!

Two way dinner and I love it so much!

The guys favourite food of all!


Then, they wanted to drink, so we headed to Wings (again! Went there last year, and they insist to sing birthday song for me, how embarrassing yet fun moment)

PS: they did it this year, and one of the singer was my primary schoolmate (although he won't recognise me anymore!)

 Ordered this passion tea with Shin

 and I got diarrhea the day after, so suffering. Say NO to it anymore.

 Selfie time with Jennifer in Wings! And the effect was quite blur which I don't know why!

 My lucky card Shin gave me while playing the cards game!

Selfie group photo, and I look like a ghost here! LOL!

Had a really fun and wonderful birthday celebration with them, and believe it or not, my birthday present still at Kai Loon's house! HAHAHAHA! Gonna redeem from him soon....

Anyway, my family celebrated my birthday yesterday, and it was pretty surprise since the little cousins kept it a secret until then. So cute of them, love them so much.

Well, will write it next time. Bye and Monday Blue for all working people HAHAHAHA!