Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just A Few Picture that I didn't post up

Hey guys! It's going to rain right now at Melaka Town, and I'm ready to pack my stuff and headed to Petaling Jaya, Selangor tomorrow for my new life of journey. Before that, I would like to share some picture that I captured using my low quality phone. 

Sorry if there is typo or error because I'm rushing right now!
 This is my sis and we are at one of the beautiful condominium at Puchong.

 It looks just like playground or water park! So nice!

 Food that I ate few months ago!

 Japanese food with Brata and Sista!

 Halloween cup designed by Jennifer and me!

 Yong Tau Fu from Puchong with Ting, Jane, Jennifer and Cody!

 Home-cooked breakfast from momi!

 Taiwan mee with Brata and Sista!

Last but not least, my birthday gift from Brata and Sista - badminton racket with PINK grip!

Alright! Spent 10 minutes writing all this, and bye now! Off!