Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's my birthday!!!


Today is my birthday, so I shall write something here before it rotten and nobody gonna care about it. LOL!

Well, was quite a tiring day because working people can't celebrate their birthday on weekdays. I did celebrate my birthday last month with friends and family, and I guess is I'm celebrating my birthday 3 times in total!

One was with brata and sista gang which I'd posted here. Another one was with tomo and believe it or not this was the most WOW birthday celebration (and if you are interested is here), because they bring me for drinks (alcohol to be exact which I'm freaking not good in it)

Third celebration was with my family which the simplest and warmest celebration ever! The little cousins hide it from me, and surprise! Birthday cake!!! Will post this next time by the way!!

Alright! End story! A sudden feel of not continue to this!

PS: I'm having milo + cereals as my birthday dinner. HAHAHAHAA!

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