Saturday, December 14, 2013

One day in Paradigm Mall


Today was quite a long day for me as I went to Paradigm Mall with my sis to buy some presents for our Christmas exchange session. And I was very lucky because I saw the blogger, Nicole in Paradigm mall but I was not very sure about it. T___T

Never say hi to her either. *double sad face*

Well, we went Louisiana for Spaghetti feast, and this was my first time! Having spaghetti right beside the lake was awesome!!!!!

There are 8 varieties of spaghetti! 

Free flow salad 

as well as mushroom soup and breads!!!

Can you imagine you can take as many bowls of mushroom as you like, and paid only RM16.50 for the spaghetti buffet? This was superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And free flow beverages (tea, coffee as well as ice lemon tea!!!)

They gave each person one small bowl of ice-cream at the end of the meal for FREE!! Worth it I must say! Gonna bring Tomo for this when they come and visit me here. LOL!!

 Sisters camwhoring at the restaurant!!!

Secret of Louisiana!

 Double selfie before the food is served, and sis was busying with her phone. I guess she was way too busy on Facebook, posting picture of me at Louisiana. HAHAHA!

 Brought Paul Frank out today, and I love it so much! Bought at Jonker for only RM3.00!!

Mine- Something to do with Shrimp.Alright! Is Gajun Garlic Shrimp (scroll up to the menu picture I posted ablove, and as you can see I'm pretty good in copy and paste! LOL)

PS: Do you know that LOL is one of the stupid comment in Facebook? I watched one video talking about stupid comments or posts in Facebook, and LOL was the top 10!!!! So? I shouldn't keep writing LOL from now on. HAHAHAHA!! Opps!? Isn't HAHA one of them?

Anyway! Stop crap and continue...
Cabonara spaghetti and this is my sis's favourite!

There she is with her phone!

PS: I seriously confirmed she was in Facebook while I was camwhoring.

And I was in my fake smile with shrimp spaghetti (not going to refer back because I'm running out of time now!!! refer to the menu above if you are interested, if not just continue reading HAHA!)

Free flow ice lemon tea I'm saying. Big jar and we couldn't finish the whole jar coz we are big eater today!

Sis's milk tea and she claimed that it was nice. If it doesn't taste that yum, blame her not me.

Second round! 
 Gosh!! I won't refer to the menu again, so no name for it.

Anyway, this is the second round and it is too salty for me. This is something related to white fish (just refer back to the menu, I'm super lazy to scroll up and down!)

PS: Stop now, and continue later because I'm going out now!! I need more time please!!!

Just got back from friend's house, and I'm freaky full right now.
Chicken smoked sausages and this is sis's second love!

Xmas decoration at Paradigm Mall, and madly love the teddy bear behind me!! All of them has their own uniqueness. Goddam cute! Awwww...

It's Xmas in Beary Land. 

Sis's fake smile 

Watched B1 and B2 dancing at the stage. I insist to capture a picture of Bananas in Pyjamas just for both little cousins. LOL!

Then saw this AFC Chef (I don't know what her name, but she is kinda famous in AFC) doing some smoothie for us. It tastes delicious and easy to make with only one blender HAHAHA!

And this girl pretending to be shopoholic on our way back home. 

Things that we'd bought for Xmas!! So glad that we'd bought some gifts before Xmas is here!

My division has an exchange activity on Wednesday, and I was being assign to be one of the senior secret Santa (shhh!!! This should be secret) of the day. So, I bought this as a gift, and hope she loves it.

I was really tired right now, and should stop typing!!

Will write again next time.

PS: Gonna be very busy next week onward, God bless me!!