Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's end of weekend!!!!!!!

It's 7.30pm now, and I'm freaking Monday Blue already.

I can't believe time passed so fast, today is Sunday and tomorrow gonna be Monday already. What an exhausted weekend I have this week. Went Paradigm mall yesterday and uncle's place today. 

Happy yet moody because I've nothing to do, and sis doesn't care because she is in her story world right now. She is reading a book written by Danielle Steel, and I think is all about a man that ride a horse chasing another girl. LOL!

So, I'm gonna blog something here before the weekdays. 

I washed my little car (my sis named as little whitey) at uncle's place this morning, and it's all clean now!!!! So happy to see that little whitey got so clean after many weeks being abandoned. HAHAHA!!

Then, had breakfast with uncle at the famous Bah Kut Teh restaurant in Puchong. It is really delicious, and I love the pig intestine so much (I know some of you might feel very disgusting, but it is very delicious indeed), anyway, we went back with big tummy. 

Sis still reading non-stop, and I'm still don't know what to update here. No picture taken today because I was not quite in mood for that. 

I tried ok!? Wait for a moment.

Alright, after 30 min I'm still blank. Not knowing what to type in. 

By the way, I missed the Big Bad Wolf Book sale last week, and I'm sooooooo regret not going there, oh please! Let the book sale go on can?

I wanted to buy lots of books from Cecilia Ahem and Sophie Kinsella (both my favourite authors), and it is so cheap. AH! So regret!!!!!!!!!! Saw some bloggers and friends went, and you know what they bought ton of books back home enjoy!!! 

So nice!

I'm jumping here and there, so here a picture of Chinese New Year! 
 Learning lantern making from aunty, and the behind was the one sis and I done! Nice not?

I made this lunch of the day last month, and kinda proud of myself for doing this!

Momi praised me as well. Success!!!!

I should stop here and read Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon now! Stay tuned for next week!!

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