Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve, Eat, Drink and BOOKS!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

It's Xmas today, and I am so excited because holiday! HAHAHAHA!!! 

Gonna blog about how I celebrated Christmas Eve with the bloody MBA (Ting and Wang). We went the Burger Factory for our late dinner, and Wang join later at Starbucks. Do you know why they are bloody MBA? Because they brought notes to Starbucks to celebrate their Christmas Eve with me, and drag me along with their study mood. So this is how the word "BOOK" is in the title!

Anyway, let's start from the Burger Factory. I waited Ting at the LRT Station for quite sometimes, and I'm seriously hungry, so when we arrived, I straight to the point, I want eat the Burger Factory please! I'm hungry, and I need something fast.

Varieties of burger and I choose crunchy and Ting was the Mexican ..something to do with Mexican I guess!

Then, the real thing come after we ordered our food........
Double entry and Journal and Balance Sheet and Profit or Loss.... Gosh! This is really complicated!! I'm seriously a suck Accounting graduate, but I know some of them of coz!! I'm not that bad actually what I thought I was.

Real drink arrived and...

Real food arrived as well.
The Crunchy

Pretty creative light decoration on top of us!

After dinner, we walked to Starbucks just to burn some fats before consume more drinks. LOL! (The real thing is I parked my car pretty far from Starbucks, and I am lazy to drive there plus no parking wei!)

My Chocolate cream chip, Ting's hot chocolate with her birthday present tumbler and Wang's espresso. And he had done something crazy which I don't want to reveal here.

Then, the bloody MBA started to discuss on solving the solution. They wouldn't stop doing this until the end of the day.

The 2013 birthday gift from us

I camwhore while they were "discussing" some issues! They just love to pretend something that are not happening HAHAHAHA!

PS: We did discussed actually, and end up no solution for the rest of it. LOL!

The crazy eater with her burger and is like I gonna conquer the burger as soon as possible before it conquers me. HAHAHA!

Notes was everywhere on the table, and we both so struggled to solve. We think so much even for a simple question. Brain stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, Christmas Eve ended with my birthday celebration with two of them (opps! Plus Jennifer in Facetime), and Instagram the process of me blowing the visible candle PICTURE!!

The most hardworking Christmas Eve ever, and hope this two can graduate soon.


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