Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My advance birthday celebration at Alto Sky Lounge Bar

C’est Le Vie!

It's my life and good luck to have lots of supportive best friends around me especially the tomo who always there with me. We went Alto Sky Lounge Bar, Hatten Square, Melaka last night for my one-month advance surprise birthday celebration. 

Having dinner at Dataran Pahlawan food court and in case you are wondering what I had. This is it, hotplate chicken mushroom noodle which I don't like it so much.

 Jennifer's long waited dinner, egg pancake from Hong Kong Melaka.

The dinner wasn't really that great, and we got stuck in the food court because Facebook made us stop moving. Great power of Facebook!!!! All of us were replying message as fast as lightning. LOL! Then, we went the Sky Lounge bar and we were quite excited!!!

 The Melaka night view!

I was quite impressing that Melaka actually having very beautiful night view, and yet I didn’t appreciate last time. The street, light and road view is super awesome. 

Oriental roasted duck pizza RM 18+

Tasted very delicious and the roasted duck very tender and cheesy. I love the way they put the whole thick piece of roasted duck on top of the pizza. It is very cheap I must say!

Chocolate fondant RM18+ 

Was quite disappointed on their lava cake because it super cute/tiny and it doesn't taste as delicious as what I'd imagined. 

Apple cider RM32 and Beer buy one free one only RM22 (promotion)

I'm not a beer type, so I go for Apple Cider and I still couldn't finish the whole bottle by myself. Hearbeat too much after drinking it. T__T

Then the tomo brought out two pieces of cake from Yeast Bakery for my birthday! I was very surprise because what I thought is that it couldn't be my birthday celebration since Shin wasn't joining us that night. Thank you very much for these cakes. 

And I'm the only one singing the birthday song for myself. T.T

I will come back again!!!

I love the place because it is very quiet and suitable for people like me who doesn't like to club and drink. The pizza is the one I highly recommended for now. 

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