Sunday, June 16, 2013

Genting Highland: Play, eat and good weather!


Alright, I supposed to update this before my real life started, but due to too many trip on going that few days, I decided not to post anything yet until now. I know this is not an excuse, but I seriously don't have the time to upload all this. So, here are some of the photo I capture in Genting Highland with Shin!

Few photo for this moment. 

I went to Genting Highland with the guys and Shin one month ago (without Jennifer), and we really have lots of fun there except I hate the casino! 

Force to be "Superman" with Edmund and Kai Loon. To be honest, I'm not willing to ride this as it is kind of scary, and I scare of height, remember? But after Edmund and Kai Loon convinced me, I think why not have a try since I'm still young. Shin wasn't willing to follow us, so she will be the camerawoman!

This photo credit to Shin.

Anyway, after we queue for around 30 min, Kai Loon and Edmund started to confess that they actually scare of this as well.. I was totally stun!!! I was so scare until I force to go in to the cabin, and be a "Super-woman" for few minutes. It was really scary, but worth it for a try I must say! Thank both of them for forcing me. I wasn't regret at all. HAHAHA!

 I went London after that. HAHAHA! Visited the "London Big Ben", and we actually went three countries in three minutes. Remember the video I posted up  few weeks ago? Click here for refreshment. Teehee!

 Shin and I were so happy to visit "London Big Ben" as well as ..


The GENTING Eiffel Tower! Teehee!!

 Both of us was so excited, and we actually video some of scene for Jennifer in order to let her jealous, but in the end I failed to make her jealous, because I didn't post any video up yet. Sigh! Time is limit for me now!

Anyway, Shin been to the real London and Paris before (2 months before this), and this is her second time visiting the "London big Ben" and "Paris Eiffel Tower". She was quite excited too! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Mist all around the Genting Resort. 

And this is the best we captured! Quite good actually. 

Shin and I were actually spent lots of time exploring Genting Highland instead of gambling in the casino for long hours. I really don't like the cigarettes smell inside there, and the environment make me dizzy.

So, this is the best part in our trip, video and capture lots of photo for Jennifer. HAHAHAHA!

Alright! It's time for bed right now. Monday Blue!! 


  1. I could see tat u really enjoyed urself there, especially without Jennifer (is it jennifer ng u r referring to?)

    1. I really enjoy myself during the trip, and yes I mean Jennifer Ng! Sir, you have great memory, still remember all of us. hehe!

  2. Where is this?? It looks fun!!! I like your blog it's very cute ^-^ Would you like to follow each other on gfc? Just let me know and leave a comment please >_<

    My Blog

    - Kat

    1. hi, this is genting highlang, malaysia. yes. I do. thank you for visiitng