Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random update: After 3 days


I can't update frequently due to my work, and I'm freaking out soon. 

Well, the very first day of my working life was suck, and this is the only word I can described. This is because my previous senior asked me why I go back to the company again, and to be honest, I seriously got shocked! I really don't know what to do, and one of my friend text me before I even came to this company. They are freaking me out!!

After I got my job, another colleague of mine told me that my senior-in-charge is the worst senior ever in the company, double worried ok? Can't you imagining how stress I am until now? I'm seriously don't know what to do, and hope that she doesn't that fierce to me. Pray to Guan Xin Ma! Alright! I bet you know that my senior is a girl. Sigh! Female sometimes really emotional just like me. T___T

Anyway, after the first day, I've been asked to do another senior job. She is a Malay lady, and she is quite nice to me. I like her a lot, and so hope that I can work with her. But what to do, my luck don't come that way! She lets me go home early everyday, and she even say thank you to me whenever I'm going home. So sweet of her. Honestly, Malay sometimes is better than Chinese. No offence ok?

Back to the topic, everyone in the office give a freak out look whenever I said who is my senior. And everyone asked me to be careful or console me. WHAT IS GOING ON? I seriously don't know what happened, and one of my friend told me that her friend rather same group with one of the worst senior than her. Is she that scary? But the way she speak make me feel uncomfortable. T___T 

Can I cry??

Ok! Crying now!!

No! Just kidding...

Before end this blog post, I should show something nice!
Sunrise from Genting!

I wished I still in Genting and Singapore with Shin and the guys. I wished I don't work forever! I wished I can live without facing too many people. I wished... Can I get what I wish?


Till then!


  1. Stop wishing and get back in ur real life!

  2. The first day on the job anywhere is usually pretty bad. I don't think I liked any one of mine at any job. The first one though is usually the worst.

    1. Ya.. pretty bad! but wish to be better after sometimes..