Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Update: Monday BLUE


I'm here again, and as I mentioned before I couldn't update frequently due to my work load. Sigh! To be honest, I was quite moody from the first day til now, because some of my colleagues told me lots of bad things about my current senior, and I do felt that she is kind of bossy in some way. 

And today, they even show me how she will act to let her feel that she is a senior. I was stun! Seriously!!!

She is 29 years old, and she is quite old in our company, so I think this is why she act like that. Think positively. 

Alright! Stop talking about my senior, because I'm going for a work trip with her in 2 more weeks, and I'm kind of nervous. Sigh!!! Anyway, today was quite tired (but fun) and I'd just came back from office in less than 2 hours. Can you imagine how busy I am? 

Being a work person doesn't feel great at all, and I miss my university life as we bunch of friend always plan for chit-chatting session, and dinner together in some special day. Plan trip as well! 

Just like this. FREEDOM!!

The only thing we always think of is the EXAM , and now dateline for my work! WTH!?

PS: Talking in the phone with momi just now make me feel so blissful, and I told her everything about that senior. And I told her I will resign if I seriously can't stand the company anymore, because everyone is leaving.


Well, this is life anyway!! Everyone will go through this, so be strong Lydia!

Oh ya! I went to cousin's grandma house to have my dinner, and this is the most happiest moment throughout the day, because popo's cook lots of delicious food for us, from vegetable to fish to pork to soup! She is Cantonese, so we always get soup of the day!! Today's soup of the day was lotus soup!!! Momi doesn't cook soup often because she dislike, the only way to ask her cook soup is to beg her thoroughly. LOL!

Alright! It's 11.30pm now, and I'm going bed right now before I blog too much.



  1. Hi Lydia,
    I revived my blog after being inactive for about 2 years. As I was fiddling through, I ws completely surprised tat to see tat u still update ur blog. Respect! Bravo!

    1. Hi sir.. hehe..yes i still update my release stress lol.. how are you sir?