Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I have been done

I haven't do any proper entry this few weeks, time flies like million times faster right now! It's Earth Hour again! I remembered that I've an Earth Hour celebration with friends last year, and that's was an awesome celebration with tons of outing on that day. ( you may refer to the link to read back what it is, thank you)

Ok, now go on to proper entry! Please bare in mind that I'm summarizing all the post together (By the way, not all post is summarise in because some of my photo is in my lappie, and you know what? MY LAPPIE IS GONG!)

Yesterday, my family and I went to Jurutong to pray for my ancestor. I'd done many climbing in the freaking hot weather yesterday, I'm tired! My bad mood came when I knew that something bad had actually happened! Well, it's woman life!

However, one thing that brighthen my mood was my lovely aunty yummilicious  fried "nian gao" (literally known as Chinese New Year's cake or New Year's cake. It is actually make of glutinous rice) with sweet potatoes!
You see how yummilicious is that! The crispiness and chewiness make perfect combination! Love it million times! And it still crispy when it is cold, awesome.

Another thing brighthen my mood was my two littles cousin again! They just simply make me laugh non-stop everytime they came back here!
Especially this little boy! He is so smart and has brilliant idea in many things! My mom always said nowadays children are becoming cleverer because they consume lots of DHA! WAHAHA... Funny!

PS: They love drawing so much.

And I've notice that my dad, 1st and 2nd uncle were reading news paper in the same time. =.=lll They are so cute, flipping news paper together! WAHAHA

Few weeks ago, Viki was so excited to show us something, and she brought it to my house on the result release day. I was excited as well!

Guess what?
She made Oreo Cheese Cake for us (me and Jennifer)! WAH! And this is really thumb up, I must say. We was wondering why she was so in love in doing this, ummm.... what should it be? *wondering*
Then we went Uncle Aunty to celebrate our passing result. To be honest, I'm not satisfied with my result, but still happy to celebrate with them.

PS: I love their honey milk!
And of coz we'd play cards to celebrate Jennifer happiness! WAHAHA...

I think I actually done 2 days post in one entry. Ok! I will try my best to done all of them another entry ok?

PS: I'm going to continue my next book, and I've done reading P.S I Love You few weeks ago. The story line was not as interested as Where Rainbow End, but I still love it anyway!

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