Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drink, Drank, Drunk


I was in love with Louis Blue 2007 since the day I went to KL, and have some drink with my cousin. I wasn’t interested in wine when we had our drink on CNY, the Louis Blue 2008 wasn’t that yum or I should it is kind of bitter sour. I dislike it, and I drank it with some force by my cousin! However, I was in love with Louis Blue “big brother” 2007!
Louis Blue 2007! My favourite
And we gonna open and drink it as soon as possible!

I'm ready for the drink!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm not ready actually, but my sis was fully ready to attempt it! Bravo!
Ok, my turn to attempt for Louis Blue 2007, and I love it surprisingly! The taste was kinda sweet and sour, and it is not so bitter. I love it more than Louis Blue 2008 seriously!
However, just 3 of us were drinking ain't fun at all, so we decided to "invite" uncle to join our fun "game".
Then it turn out to be a soya wine instead of red wine! *sweat* The problem why uncle don't drink red wine is because he has high blood pressure, so no one willing to join our "game". *sad case*
I was enjoying with the red wine, and my face blush after drinking the 2nd glass ( not much actually). I was really poor in drinking wine, bare in mind!
My sis was brave, she drank like 3 glasses of red wine non-stop, but then she blushed like an apple! WAHAHA...

My cousin blush too!
We are damn happy with it.. camwhore will be choice as remembrance! *evil laugh*
And my sis wanted to join us, so the trio red wine drinker!

 A good experience with Louis Blue

I love it so much, and I'm gonna try it the next time with my cousin and sis again!!!

P.S: Well, I'd wrote this entry since last week, and it takes me like hours to think of it. OMG! So, I decided to post it now..WAHAHA... Sorry for my lameness!

Au revoir!

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