Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, it's time to show a lovely doggie model (yea, it is my doggie-Nicky) snapshots!
He is 5 years old now, pretty active, and it's hard to capture a nice photo of him without SNACK! =___=

The very last time I capture his photo was like 2 years back! WOW! I'm not a good owner I know! (Don't judge on me please, and enjoy the photos I captured)
This is not as perfect as the rest, but I simply love the effect that created a mystery feeling. Do you think so?

Ok, as what I said, I need to give him a piece of snack for reward! He is kind of greedy anyway!


Smilling at me??


He is so adorable, I kinda love him so much. However, one thing I hate about him is because he is toooooo active in some way! He love somebody tickle him, and he would let you do it. Soooo cute of him!!

I love him more than anything else! WAHAHA...