Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Day 3

It's annoying Mr. 4 and Miss Apple chit-chatting day again!! *celebrating*
Mr. 4 annoyed Miss Apple again. (I know this is kinda boring right now, but what to do he is annoying Mr.4, remember?), and Miss Apple doesn't answered again!

This time Miss Apple feel annoyed and grumpy at the same time! She was thinking of why Mr.4 keep on asking about iPhone 4, she was curious and annoyed!

However, this kind of annoying thingy I love it the most! WAHAHAHA...

As what Mr. 4 said, Digi has a new iPhone 4 plan right now!
Is that real!?
I'm damn curious about it! What plan is that!?? *curious*

*Ding Dong*
(someone came!)

Who is that!?

He said it is a real news! Yahoo....

But what is the plan?

This is the iPhone 4 plan! *great*

I love about this plan is....

It's cheaper than previously plan! OMG! so great for me as a postpaid mobile phone user!

I love about this plan is because it is so damn cheap and it help me a lot!!
This is because whenever it comes to the end of the month, I would start to receive tons of bills for me to pay it.. *headache*

sometimes might surprise me as what I had spent on mobile phone! *shocked*

coz sometime my bills will be.....
as long as a toilet roll or toilet paper!!

As thick as my note!!

until I can't read and check all of them in one day! 

 When I count it with my always-used calculator.... *sweating*

I totally fade up~ *shocked*
It is too much for me to pay it.....How am I going to pay all of that!??? *going to save money from now on*

 With DIGI iPhone 4 Plan, my problem is solved, and it provided free internet access as well. This really a good plan for me! As a "kiam gu" (stingy person), I need it so much... T.T

With that...
 I can talk as long as I can without any worries!!

I can call to every single friend of mine by using DIGI iPhone 4 plan, coz no worries!!!
(even just a simple hello and hey)
I can SMS as much as I can!!
(even send with hello...WAHAHAHA......)

With this plan, I can twitter and facebook everyday!! Yeah!! I can have free access internet~

Coz of DIGI iPhone 4 plan, Mr. 4 and Miss Apple called each other althought they were just besides each other! *cute*


It's so cheap right!?

Mr. 4 and Miss Apple : YEAH~

DIGI iPhone plan rock~

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  1. OMG~ lydia..
    ur face expression is super duper cute+ creative idea which combine the words 4 and apple picture hahahaha..
    tis few days i got heard the news from tv but quite blur about i noe d after viewing ur blog..feel like start loving iphone 4..kekee
    thank you so much..
    Happy Holiday and see u again when school open.. =)

  2. hahahaha....thank you for ur support! hehehe...
    i like to act so much wahahaha...