Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Day 2

Annoying Mr.4 hey-ing Miss Apple again! *annoying*
Miss Apple doesn't answer him again, coz it is super duper annoying....
Miss Apple really out of mine this time! *blush in red*
So, Mr. 4 turn at me and asked me whether I know about those application or not..
As a updated human being, I surely answered YES! I know it so much.....
And he asked me which application is my favourite, I was like shock coz I love of of them, but he insist me to give the most 3 application I love! How bad he is... T.T

*thinking hardly to give 3 application which is my favourite*
Lydia: Too many application, how to choose!?? *grumpy*

(I still choosed 3 application that I love and my favourite application)

My very first favourite iphone application is iBook! As a hardworking student (ok, not hardworking at all), iBook is sooo convenient to me!
Everyone is loving this iBook application!
With iBook application....
I hate going to the library, coz there will be lots of heavy book for me to carry while finding the new book to do research or whatsoever!
DAMN HEAVY!! I'm going to have muscle after that!! *argh*

Besides that, it is hard to choose a good book in library (too many book in library already), and this might waste my time!! *arghhhhhh*
For clumsy me, sometimes this might happen to me! BOOK FALL TO ME!!

As a result, iBook application may help me overcome this kind of problem easily with my finger! *hurray*
I don't need to suffer from pain and tiredness....^^v

2nd application that is my favourite is......

Guess what!?

I'm a "like to show off" person (am I?? ), so a social networking app. is good for me to show off to my friends...

When I saw something funny or lucky, I would like to share to my friends.....such as.....
 When Micky & Minnie appear in my house!!

I may take a photo with them, and.......

 Post up to either facebook and twitter to show how lucky I am!! *hurray*

Lydia: My dream come true!!

Everyone: oiii!! WAKE UP LA WEY!! STop dreaming!!!
 When I post in Facebook and Twitter, my friends can give response and feedback to me! I can reply their comment as easily as ABC!! *damn happy if I've iPhone 4*

3rd application is......

APP FOR MUSIC for coz!!!
 Life without music is kinda suck! Agree with me???

I need music, you need music, everyone need music to process our life!!!


A music comes from an.......................
 iPhone 4!!!


I don't need to use a radio or MP 3 or MP4 (I don't have one too), an iPhone app for music is enough for me!! Yahoo....


I even can dance with it!!




I'm soooo in good mood right now!!! Ra... Ra.......

LYDIA: You're right! Mr. 4!!! I love iPhone soooo much........it is sooooo...............convenient for all of us!!!

iPhone 4 hold different! It's really hold differently from other mobile phone! *cool*

I want own one iPhone 4 as well!!!

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