Thursday, September 9, 2010

One whole week 1-9-2010--- 9-9-2010

Well, I’m here again, I break my promise to blog again, I can’t resist not to do so. Sorry my book. So, what I’ve done for the whole week.

Friday- 1-9-2010
I cooked my lunch, Korean Mee with cheese and nuggets.
Apparently it looks gross, but it tastes fantastic, you people may try it too. *highly recommended*

PS: For Korean instant noodles only, not for those Maggi Mee or Duck Maggi mee. It tastes yucky with those.

I'm having my lunch while I was watching tv in my living room. *blissful*

Saturday- 2-9-2010

I started my exam preparation on this day, I felt so tired and sleepy while studying. >.<
It kinda like sleeping pill for me. *yawn*

My lunch for that day- Chicken chop rice with lemon and curry sauce. Thank sis and her bf for buying this for me to make me feel refrsh.
It tastes great with Lemon and Curry. I love it...
PS: Ignore my photo background. It is too messy. *wee*

Then have tea time with swiss roll which bought by sis's bf. Yummy!

celebrated Shinyi's birthday at Mori, I'll blog this as soon as possible, perhaps, after my exam. *evil laugh*


An Apple a day keep the doctor away, that's the phrase I love the most. I've apple as my side dish dinner. *full of blissfulness*

Well, I've my preparation for exam for the whole day long. (Oklah, I did online for sometime as well.) Nothing special...

Oh yeah, mommy had cooked a wonderful dinner for us, yummy and I still remember the taste.

6-9-2010 -- 8-9-2010
Normal routine and did my preparation for exam as well. My life was uber lame as you can see. Book, food, book, food, then last sleep, that's all I've done!

In the morning, my mom asked me to go wet market with her, so I did it. (it is a way to escape from books) 
It's been so long I didn't step into wet market, (I mean the super big wet market), it was like flooding, water was all around on the floor. *yucky*

The purpose of going there was because WE ARE HAVING BBQ THIS SATURDAY!! OMG, I can't wait for it right now....*excited*
Then, have my breakfast at Bukit Beruang.

Around 12pm, we came back to my home sweet home.........

continue my study journey.. *sweat to the max*

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